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Thread: Apartment building

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    Be gentle guys- we were all noobies once.

    Apartment for long term survival:

    1) height gives you advantage over those lower.
    2) activities can't be seen from street level.
    3) should be relatively easy to sever access to your level from below.
    4) good rooftop garden should allow plenty of growing space.

    1) unless you are the tallest building others will be looking down on you.
    2) once access is severed will be difficult to come and go. If you've locked everyone out you have almost certainly locked yourself in.
    3) it will take a while to get the rooftop gardens producing. You will need enough of a food buffer till production starts. And it sounds like you are up north. Remember your garden will not be producing for about 5-6 months of the year.
    4) your area sounds easily accessed from neighboring rooftops. A 7-8 foot span is easily jumped without a bridge. This makes your location far less secure than if you were an isolated building. If there is only one neighboring building it might be possible to block access but any more than that you are basically no better than being on the ground.

    How far away are you from your other potential big out locations? If not too far I would invest time, money, and effort in building up those locations. You need to prove to the owner you are a hard working, thoughtful, cooperative, indispensable part of your group.
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    Might go and read some of Selco's blog at
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferdifer View Post
    Well, with the current events, I'm preparing for a radioactive dirty bomb (Made by ISIS), or WWIII. A terroristic war, per say. Maybe I'll make a separate topic for my predictions..
    Well personally I don't think that terrorist will have a stand up and fight war with the US, with running gun battles in the street. I think you will see, as we already have, continued attacks against smaller targets to inflict damage and cause fear. So having a solid "get everyone home" plan is a smart idea. With plans to hunker down till the local threat blows over. Freeze dried foods, stored water, and a solid realistic defensive plan for you and our group (whatever that shapes up to look like) is a good start.

    With a dirty bomb your gonna have to play the odds with your approach. Do you live in a big city? Does that city hold a target value? What are the likely areas of detonation? The likely hood of you being in the area is small, very small. So knowing how to shelter in place to protect yourself from the resulting fallout will be a wise thing to learn. As well as having the means, material, and motivation to do so. Look into potassium iodine and how to use it and why it works.

    Just some of my thoughts.
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    oh boy, im at loss for words

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    If radiation is your main concern, being on the top floor of a building is a no go. In the middle of the third floor would be your best bet as far as protection goes other than deep underground. If you are considering bugging out you should really plan your destinations and make sure that you not only know how to get there, but you are sure that will be welcomed when you get there. Welcome to becoming a prepper it's a long road with sacrifices and rewards.

    Think about this, your friend says their mom could bring the generator...... then you don't have a generator. Again it's a long road and I hope that we will be helpful to you on your journey, and whether you realize it or not your OP actually helps everyone here because it gives us another scenario to ponder upon and adjust our preps accordingly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HatetosayItoldyouso... View Post
    Ooh.. Boy...
    You're thinking what I'm thinking.

    Although I am trying to keep in mind that some noobs may be sincere, and they have to start somewhere....
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    You apartment will provide no more than a limited bug-in option at best. With enough storage and some luck, you could isolate yourself and other occupants during an epidemic or other short-duration event. Even short term, you will have significant issues with sanitation/waste disposal, and you will run out of stored water faster than you can imagine.

    War scenarios - if you are on the receiving end of nuclear fallout or your city/town is directly involved in conventional combat, you're f*cked. Your best option would have been to leave before these things happened, so if you know that the advancing Amish Assault Legions are only hours from reaching your town, hopefully you have someplace to run to.

    Societal breakdown can have a wide range of effects. If there is still some social structure, food availability, running water, power, etc, then your preps will help get you through hard times while you continue to live and work there. No food coming in, power out, no water pressure to the 5th floor (or no water pressure at all in the area), chaos, gangs, unchecked violent crime, etc., you could hole up, again only for a short time, but your best bet is to escape before any significant societal breakdown that will last more than a few days. It is accurately stated that cities are deathtraps in this type of scenario.

    You mentioned having places to go if you bug out. How far away are they? How do you plan to get there? Auto, bike, horseback, on foot? Helicopter on the roof? What happens if roads are impassible and you do end up on foot? Can you sustain yourself for a month-long (or more) journey on foot with the real possibility of others you encounter having bad intentions toward you?

    Slow down, read back through the archives here, and start with small sensible steps.

    Plan your water and food storage, and build it up a bit at a time.

    Obtain a means to protect yourself, and learn how to use it. Guns are just tools you fight with, not magic wands that make bad guys disappear. Get training and learn how to fight with them.

    Decide now what situations/time spans will be endurable in your apartment, with one criteria being how much and what you can safely store there. Then get the supplies in place. Whatever amount of water you think you need, at least double or even triple it. You will still wish you had more if you cannot re-supply or utility services are not restored. Have plans for disposing of your sewage, preferably without using up your water to do so. You may find yourself dumping it out your window into the alley 5 floors down, just like your neighbors - then you will be happy you are not living on the first floor.

    Read up on and prepare a bug-out-bag. Have supplies prepared to carry in your car, but be prepared to carry essentials on foot. Be realistic with the weight in your bug-out-bag. You will not get far trying to carry 150 lbs. Be sure that any weight you have in there is essential for your survival. For example - carry freeze dried food and a means to purify water to drink and re-constitute the food, not 30 cans of ravioli and 5 gallons of water. Get in shape to hike long distances carrying the weight of a pack. Go out and practice hiking with a simple 50 lb. pack for a day. This will help you make a realistic assessment of your condition, and it will show you the truth of the saying "ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain. Also, have a set of clothing and footwear appropriate for long term hiking in whatever weather conditions you expect to encounter in any given season.

    Cultivate your friendships and alliances wisely. Be realistic about who will actually pull their weight and contribute, and who will be along for the ride and endanger the rest of the group by using up your resources.

    Prioritize and prepare accordingly. Then enjoy the life you have now knowing you are doing your best to deal with future problems.

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