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Thread: kGenerac 13KW propane generator with transfer switch.

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    Hello again, I couldn't sign in to the site for a while.

    The generator was originally bought for a person who needed uninteruptable power at the house which is close to the city but reached by a difficult tree lined road. The current owner doesn't see any need for a backup generator so he wants it gone.

    Shipping to somewhere far off would probably be a no go unless the agreed on price is super low.

    Best deal in my mind is for someone to show up with a pickup and see what they are getting. Right now it is iffy getting it out due sub zero temps and bad roads but that should change in a week or so.

    I will try to get some actual photos and a firm price for anybody interested. Right now Costco has a similar gen that puts out 17KW and costs $3300. Hit me up at my email for photos and where it can be picked up in Helena Montana (montanabill08 then the at sign on gmail). I am headed to Livingston MT tues the 5th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fidel. MD View Post
    A drip line for the condensate might be the ticket - collect it and burn it in small engines...
    Yea, they have separators that get most of it out. That little bit that spit out a stovetop burner might make for some lively cooking.
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