you might also find this helpful on two fronts.
It will show all the hams close to you.
You could contact them all and say you are new to amateur radio and are looking for an Elmer and then see where the conversation goes.

Here's a true story from when I took my test.
After the test while everyone waited on them to be graded we went into another room and sat at round tables and visited while we waited. My table eventually got down to me and a guy late 40's and his son early 20's. That was a pretty much give away. Pretty much anyone getting a ham license in these days of cell phones is going to be a prepper. So I asked "Why are you guys getting your ham license?"

"So we can communicate when the end of the world as we know it arrives"

exact quote.

So obviously I got to know them and we shared a meal at their home and went from there.