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Thread: Veterans: Please Stop Struggling & Get The Help You Need

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    Great thread and for reminding us all of these Soldiers daily struggles. We all from time to time forget what they went through and still go through. Prayers from my Family go out to them all. I served in the Army back in the 80's and was lucky enough to not have seen nor been to war.

    Lastly good to see you back SE!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KINGCHIP View Post
    Dude, if you hang around this time, let me know if you don't lie a post as being credible. We can keep it clean.
    Will do KINGCHIP.

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    I am not a veteran but I have been dealing with one that brought back ptsd with her and it has basically destroyed ( changed) who she was. Because of the paranoia that resides in her life ( its her survival tool).
    She has a mistrust of the VA as well. Cant blame the vets for what they cant get. I know that some horse organizations have developed and Equine for Heroes program that really helps,, I also know some of the therapy dogs help.. but the downside is I have seen a vet in the walmart with his therapy dog and the dog is skinny , ribs showing etc. I offered to buy the man a 50 lb bag of food for the dog and he said the dog was fine.. this is a form of denial.. my friend suffers the same problem,, denial.. I don't know what brings it on. But trying to get their eyes open only makes things worse. Having other vets around them gives them hope because of the common bond, but in her case it doesn't help with denial.
    I remember years ago a man bought some property and built dwellings for the Vietnam vets to give them a place to call home.. Because of the so called curse placed on the GI's ,, nightmares, homelessness, loss of families ,, there was a list that was given of what they would suffer for doing so..( fighting over there). My first husband was a tunnel rat.. you guys in here from that era would know what that means. I wont go into details but I never saw what other wives saw and endured. I guess I was lucky. I did see the eyes turn to cold steel once and it scared the bjesus outta me. Our marriage did not work and we divorced less than a year after we wed.
    There is also videos I guess I saw them on youtube.. of a wolf sanctuary that helps vets connect..
    I don't know much of anything else except when I get outta the situation I am in.. Vets will be welcome to come connect with my critters. It'll help the vets, the critters and me.
    Also if any of you would watch the movie Unbranded,, this isn't the movie where there is a man who took some vets cross country horseback and I would love to see that happen more than once.
    It has always been my dream to do a cross country ride after retirement.. some family here did it and rode all the way to Mexico.. its a way to reconnect and a way to heal, probably on youtube.
    btw Unbranded is on Netflix.
    I have always said when I get my inheritance the first thing I will do is ride cross country,, planning it for years . Nobody to go with. One lady actually did it all by herself. She wrote a story about it but don't know the title of the book.
    One year I worked at a dude ranch in Colorado, working vacation,, I was second cook there amongst all college kid staff, gave me some amazing perspective being reconnected to nature in that way.
    A couple of the college kids there were from Texas and they brought their own horses for the job ( wranglers). We hit it off so well that we thought of using our end of contract bonuses to ride all the way back home,, they would drop off near Austin and I would go back to Louisiana from there.. Unfortunately one of the gals had to leave earlier in the season and the whole plan just crumbled from there.
    So all the vets here ... dream the dream..freedom in its purest sense.. I know that's not the only thing they need. But when the shtf,, if ya see me on the trail.. yer free to join up.
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    I've had it for 25 odd years and every day is a struggle, the ghosts don't leave but you can make friends with them. I've known veterans from many conflicts and it all seems to be the time taken in decompressing and who with. ww2 vets spent months coming home and had time to bury it. a friend with multiple recent tours got fed up with people demanding to know if he had killed anyone so he gave it to them straight. he moved towns a week later.

    post trauma - means you survived. start there and build on it.

    here there is a major push for civilians to do the treatment which always fails (we have no VA and the military medical services had all but been destroyed, the trauma unit was disbanded and everyone shoved into the civilian sector), a soldiers brain is broken and can never be returned to good as new, it can be patched up and put on the road again. often it begins with the training you receive. it is very easy to program a killer, but no body bothered working out how to reverse the effect. one technique they tried here was to recollect repeatedly the incidents that trouble you. they have now realised that it can often make it worse for the patient.

    for me and many others it is the fear of hurting those we love when we respond instinctively without restraint as we were trained to do, the brain is disengaged and muscle memory takes over. anger is an energy that can be hard to harness. I sleep on the couch or lie there listening to you tube documentaries, if I can I work nights and avoid sleeping together. I also try to block outside noise with fans and talk radio playing in ear buds since I surprised the milkman at three am with a choke hold. I had to buy a lot of yogurt to make peace with him after that.

    I spent a long time learning how to post my anger into a safer place that I can call on when required, but often the way you deal with it is flip over completely and drive your self into a deep depression where you get confused for being suicidal. you aren't suicidal you just don't care whether you live or die. I have a euthanasia kit in my coin bag next to my marbles.
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