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Thread: antibiotics

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    Quote Originally Posted by beowulf View Post
    And thanks to you, my brother. God has me wrapped tightly in His magnificent and loving hand, and although I'm still hurting beyond words, and as difficult as it is,by His grace I'm moving on.

    You WILL meet her again, God still has plans for you here first.

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    How and Why Herbal Antibiotics Work--And Why You Should Care

    "In 2014, more than two million Americans acquired antibiotic-resistant infections. More than 23,000 died. In 2019, those numbers were 2.8 million and 35,000, for about a 50 percent increase in 5 years."

    some startling facts - you hear about all the antibiotic resistance - little different angle to why preppers need to be ready to replace the regular big pharma antibiotics ...

    yet another consideration is the continuation of the illegals coming thru the borders from around the world >>> Grannie's magic elixir might be a salvation when some unstoppable crud starts up ....
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    I really like Lange books and these cards are good. Give you a good idea of what type of anti-biotics and how to use them.

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