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Thread: My back yard

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    One thing, and one thing only holding me from moving to s.e. or eastern folks.
    I took on the responsibility of taking care of them, mostly my Father in their latter years.
    I will not break that. They don't have anyone else to help.

    I should have went up there in the 70's and secured a spot, and got started on it.
    Time went by too quick.
    Eat it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

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    Trapper that is good of you.
    I barely saw my parents in their latter years.
    Have a sister that really took good care of them.

    As I get older, time just goes by faster n faster.
    Should have done all of what I am trying to do now in the 70s also.

    I still think about moving to Alaska, but like I said I an't too sure I can put up with the cold weather.
    As such I don't think I would survive one winter there. To me that place is where you would have to have grown up there and already know how to handle the winters.
    Oh, and the bears at the front door.

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    I don't mind helping them at all.
    They've helped me when I was younger.
    I'm still able to do most what they want done...carpenter work, yard work, garden, taking my Dad to the sawbones, etc...
    And knowing their yard is mowed and weedeated and all is in order makes them happy.
    And makes me happy too.

    Yep, where a person is raised makes a difference.
    I'd be a greenhorn up there for sure, and I may be too old now to think about it, but heck, it's something I've
    pondered on many times.
    Eat it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

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