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Thread: WTB: Gaskets for military 5 gal. Jerry can

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    Cork gasket material from the auto parts store works fine. It is a little more fragile than rubber if abused. That is what the gaskets were made of on the first cans I was issued "back in the day".
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    Quote Originally Posted by texasskeeter View Post
    Trapper, is the old red inner tube material better than say the black tube material used these days? Also is the black inner tube material from the 50-70's better than material used today?
    For gasket material it's probably the same. The red stuff stretches like for slingshots. Black stuff not so much.
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    I have a plastic shoe box full of rubber surgical terns we used for stopping blood flow. Would those work? Just curious. I've made slingshots with them for my boys and used tanned leather for the cradles. They seem pretty tough for that but I don't know how they would stand up for the use you describe.
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