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Thread: MAG Scenario

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    It doesnt bother me personally so much other than I restated it three times and I was still misquoted. It's just irritating.

    The OP stated in his scenerio that the fam was starving but surviving which is an oxymoron to start with so I doubt they had the means or the know how the live off the land. Even in a serious SHTF situation, I believe some people will still reach out for one another in a positive manor. People tend to band together in a crisis and as time goes by, the bad are weeded out, one way or another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theloneone View Post
    So SHTF, no one is to be trusted. You did not plan a MAG group ahead or the group split, got raided, whatever. You have no BOL, money is tight as it is. You are a loner. Your supplies on you are dwindling and you're using a bicycle. You have a scoped rifle and a pistol. A decent human being is a rare sight during SHTF, so who do you trust?

    You scope a distant farmhouse or a small ranch house in a wooded area, but you observe from afar. A father, mother and son are discovered to be starving, yet surviving off the land. There are trespassing signs/ bodies of former trespassers. You desire to join this family and keep yourself alive, while mutually offering manual labor in farming, security, handyman, etc. You need a plan to approach this family because they will shoot on sight. But if they know you are willing to help, they will let you in.

    How would you approach this family?
    After observing the family for a couple days I noticed that no one ever left the the cabin area to hunt even though I had seen plenty of both small game and big game in the area. From this observation I guessed that either they knew nothing of hunting or were reluctant to send anyone out to hunt because they were afraid it would leave the two remaining with too little firepower to fend off another raider attack. Using this theory I got behind a big tree for cover and waved a white flag to get their attention without giving them a clear shot at me.

    At that point I would offer to shoot a deer/elk and bring to them to show my worth if they would consider allowing me to stay with them on at least a temporary trial basis as their hunter/gatherer. If they said no I would fade back into the woods and continue my journey. Or if I was a bad guy I would lay in wait and snipe each family member whenever someone exited the cabin. Then I would take it over as my own.

    There is a possible scenario.

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    And not an unlikely one on the last part either. Desperate times create bad people unfortunately.
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    Default well said

    you covered it well said
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