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Thread: Dream house

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    Not to brag, well ok I'm bragging, but ICF and passive solar... We've used less than 3 cords of wood so far this winter, and never turned on the furnace once. Been a generally mild winter temp wise with about the average number of sunny days, we had a fire in the wood burner on Saturday and I stocked it up before going to bed. Yesterday was sunny with a high of 37, low of 19 last night. Thermometer on the wall says it's 66 in the house right now and they're calling for another sunny day in the mid-thirties so not even going to build a fire again today. Only non-Sol supplied heat we used yesterday was from the kitchen stove while making dinner.
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    These recommendations are based on my experience here in the Denver area.

    1. Water – get a well, if possible have both city water and a well.
    2. Sewage – get a septic tank that is a bit oversized for the house
    3. An oversized garage – have 4' between cars and 3' on the outside or either car. Also have it extra deep to accommodate longer vehicles. Have a 10” garage door rather than a standard 8' door to accommodate a vehicle with raised suspension.
    4. Laminated safety glass in all windows. No it won't stop a bullet, but it will stop a baseball bat or a crowbar from breaking through.
    5. Full, or more than full, basement with a “hidden room” (a concealed door) for storage/saferoom.

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