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Thread: Passed my General test today!

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    Well price is one thing, staying hidden in a bad future another.... and I am fascinated with the 817's ability on the vids i have seen of people using this radio.... BUT I dunno I havent made up my mind yet.
    My overall plan is to test again and get my general next month (More freqs) I'm a newbie barely gotten my feet wet so far. I only got a cheapo handheld using it locally.but it is def leaving me wanting more.
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    Sandman1, I do have one , and it spends lots of time sitting in storage. I like the saying ,"life is too short for QRP." Overall other than it is made to be for qrp and only does like 2 watts on battery,5 watts with a power source,it is a well made unit. I have made a few contacts several states away when I was a tech on 10m with it, and an LNR precision 10m end fed dipole. The Band was however ,Wide open, and the traffic light. Also have used it portable and manpack a couple times ,but only on vhf simplex while out with a group of folks camping, they had HT's . It does draw way less power on standby while you just listen, is smaller ,lighter than the FT-857. But unless you were lucky with conditions like I was , having a 100 watts just in case you need it for a shtf situation seems like good insurance to me. By the way, never could get my full answer to your message to send, site won't keep me signed in long enough to post a long reply ,so I sent you info on alternate way to make contact.
    Now since we hijacked the thread, Congrats to any and all that pass their upgrades, I think upgrading at least to general is a great idea !

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    Hijack away! This is good info and sometimes the occasional thread deviation yields gold!
    Preparing so that I may live better today and post shtf.

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