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Thread: Purifying mass quantities of water?

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    Any recommendations on a portable RO system?

    Been looking around, apec products seem reasonable. Looking for something portable that can be ran off a rv water pump.

    Unless there's something that can be used with a low pressure hand pump.

    Been leaning get RO for filtration of radioactive containments, like cesium. This out side system approaching dumps a lot of iron oxide material that contain a good bit of cesium. It's not the iron that makes the water " bitter ".

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    Home Depot sells some small units. I want to put one of them in when I remodel my Kitchen later this month. It was like 4300 for the unit. Not sure what the filter, mineral cartridges cost though. My aunt has nasty well water and has a unit from GE... her membrane tubes last years, so I would think this newer technology would be even better.

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