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Thread: Donate your broken junk to me. I'd appreciate it!

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    Default Donate your broken junk to me. I'd appreciate it!

    Hey guys, another thing about me is I have a Youtube channel (a new one that is) where I destroy broken electronics/appliances. And it's not wasting because the items are beyond repair. I don't have a lot of views because I just started. And on my channel I say in the credits "If you want me to destroy more stuff in the future, please consider sending me your broken or unwanted electronics or appliances in the mail."

    Well, nobody messaged me yet. But then I realized I could come here. So if anyone has anything they don't want, don't throw it away, send it to me so I can make more videos. I have so many destruction ideas like using fireworks, a shotgun, a belt grinder, a plasma cutter, and more.

    I am serious about this so don't tease me about it, I really want to have a cool Youtube channel that's kind of different from the rest.

    I'll even "bribe" you, here's what I mean: the first person to give me one of these items; iPod, iPhone, Xbox (any type), PS3, computer monitor, tablet, digital camera, microwave, telephone, TV screen, old computer monitor (from the 90's); I'll buy you something cool like a knife or Zippo lighter. You have my word! It's a bargain, I'll give you something cool for your junk.

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    Best wishes. *shakes head*
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    Why would I want to do that? I can put .45 .308 and 12ga. holes in them and blow them up with tannerite all by myself. Why let you have all the fun?
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    Wasn't this moron just reprimanded by the mods for posting duplicate threads.

    Adios Amigos

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