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Thread: Prepare for Cascadia earthquake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolinafan View Post
    You psychic or something?

    I read a bunch of reference, cycles repeat, been working on a survival map of sorts based on various ancient works. Tryn to verify data. I track a bunch of stuff.

    Why does the Vatican need l.u.c.i.f.e.r.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Militant_Medic View Post
    Don't know about the Madrid but Cascadia doesn't seem to be overdue. The article says a mega quake happens every 400-600 years and the last big one was 315 years ago. Maybe have some time yet. Or who knows- could pop tomorrow. That's why we prep right?
    NGC had a story last year that the Indian totems showed earthquakes/Tsunamis every 300 years in the Cascadia region. The Japanese have written records of a Tsunami in 1701 that didn't have a local preceding quake, NGC reported that the Indians had a totem depicting the 1701 Cascadian quake.

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