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Thread: Ebola Tracking, with Map

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    That's why I stopped updating it, for now. All the places they bring new people too are marked. I did an event recently where Nina Pham was a guest speaker. Kinda neat.

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    Well, things seem to be heating up once again. Doctors do not know if relapses are occurring or if a side effect of Ebola is causing other problems and killing people who came down with it.

    Doctors and health officials in Sierra Leone told Reuters that a handful of mystery deaths among discharged patients may also be types of Ebola relapses, stirring fear that the deadly virus may last far longer than previously thought in the body, causing other potentially lethal complications.
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    From your link Cav:
    "Diagnoses have not been made, partly because of a lack of relevant medical training and insufficient equipment for detecting a virus that can hide in inaccessible corners of the body - such as the spinal fluid or eyeball. In Cafferkey's case, the virus in her brain caused meningitis."

    So, let's treat the disease, keep people alive, tell them they are cured, then send them out to reintegrate with the rest of the populous, then poof, "oops, sorry, we're not really sure you're cured after all. Oh, by the way, don't have sex and don't exchange bodily fluid for nine months".

    Of the 17,000 African survivors, I wonder how many are following those guidelines?

    Here's a terrible thought, maybe the gov't had it right in TWD or FTWD to 'cull the herd' of non-infected in LA. Think about it. What's worse than people dying quickly from a contagious disease? A: Living and continuing to spread new cases.

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    How did the georgia guidstones put it... "never let the population rise above ????? "
    Cant remember the number but this fits that pretty good. I once read something that some goon stated that praised ebola for killing fast, and was disapointed in things like aids because the later took too long.
    Couple this with gates and his wifes death squad style innoculations in the third world regions, Bayer releasing tainted meds there as well!! Is there really anyone on here that doubts they are manufacturing death by planned out silent attacks with any of the NBC lovelies...
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