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Thread: The Snugpak Sleeper Lite (Mummy bag) review

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    Default The Snugpak Sleeper Lite (Mummy bag) review

    The Snugpak Sleeper Lite (Mummy bag) review:
    Model: Temperature Rating: 32F to 18F (0C to -7C)
    Color: Green

    From their website:
    The Sleeper Lite is a robust sleeping bag and an ideal introduction to Snugpak's Sleeper Series performance range of sleeping bags. It provides plenty of warmth in a realistic pack size. Highly siliconized synthetic fibers give it a soft touch and prolonged lifespan compared to traditional Hollowfibre filled sleeping bags on the market. The Sleeper Lite has been a favorite of US Federal Agencies for the past several years. Used extensively by static troop divisions in other countries deep in hostile territory around the world.

    Available Colors: Olive, Black, Desert Tan & Red/Silver

    Construction: Fill: Isofibre Shell: Rip/Stop Nylon Liner: Supersoft nylon fabric
    Length: 86 inches
    Width: 60 inches
    Weight: 56oz (or 3.5 pounds)
    Pack size: 9 diameter X 15 length

    What I found:

    Situation: This was my first time using this bag. Slept in it two nights consecutively. Temps were high fifties at night high sixties during the day. Used in conjunction with the Multimat ground mat and Snuggpak Snuggy Headrest.

    The Good: Bag is very comfortable, warm, very light (my measurements put it at 2.8lbs, not 3.5lbs), very durable. Everything Snugpak describes it as. It comes in a durable compression bag and gets down pretty small for a sleeping bag. Price was right around $60.

    The bad and the ugly: I am 73 tall, 34 waist, 43 chest, 50.5 around the shoulders. I bought this on a Marine Corps base at the local PX. Got to love retiree benefits. Now using my measurements as a template; this bag was most definitely long enough. I can easily get it up and over my head loosely. Now zipping this up, NO WAY! The zipper is standard, can be zipped up from the outside or inside but feels a little weak for as rugged of a bag as they say it is. So I could get it zipped up tight around my upper chest but could not get it up to my neck as it is intended.

    So having spend my fare share of time in the field while in the Marines, I know the importance of getting in and out of my fart sack quickly. I couldn't fit my rifle in the bag with me, let alone get in and out of it in any expedient manner. All of which I find important in a bag and is not really conducive to what I am prepping for. I find this rather unfortunate because I really liked this bag.

    So my final thoughts: If you are super slim with a runners build, then this bag is for you. But if you have a little meat on your bones, or are planning to sleep in winter clothing look on to other bags. For camping, ya this might be a good bag to have, but for what I am prepping for, and my experiences in the military, its just not for me.
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    Default The Snugpak Sleeper Lite Mummy bag review

    someone at src tried this product and was successful i tink....

    anyway...........whats the pricing of this compared to rowaphos?

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    Default The Snugpak Sleeper Lite Mummy bag review

    You should be able to buy a canvas tool bag from a number of places.
    Home Depot has Klein tool bags, but youre paying for the brand...

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