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Thread: California Wildfires

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    Default California Wildfires

    We have a few doozys here. One spread to 7,000 acres in 29 hours.

    Both from jack ass's leaving camp fires unattended during the current burn ban
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    These fires are the product of forrest management policies by the Feds and the state government there. You rarely heard about these fires before then because there weren't many. The main reason for this was when the BLM was created they worked with California to get the ranchers out of public lands. Prior to 1980 most of the land was grazed by ranchers who kept the brush cleared. When the BLM kicked them off of the public land there wasent any available water sources for the cattle and sheep to drink and the ranching business turned to fixed, in place dairys. Then the fires started. But the fires generated so much fear and therefor tax revenue and political power that it is one of the third rails in California politics. The annual firefighting budget California wide makes most states, and many countries budgets pale in comparison
    Joe is right one. Here is CA latest 'fee' for fires.

    Which the people already pay in property taxes thus making the 'fee' illegal by Prop 13

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    All the bright ideas, fines, fees n fires.

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