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Thread: Austin and Surrounding Area

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    Default Austin and Surrounding Area

    Fair enough. Had a bad week.
    I apologize to all.

    But i still think this was tacky
    Once during a hunting trip in Remote Alaska I ran out of Twinkie’s and was compelled to live off of of fish and moose meat

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    Okay this has run it's course, I am closing the thread.
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    Militia Momma

    I completely agree with you that the very word militia has been tarnished to the point where even Patriots recoil at its mere mention. That just proves that the government is very effective at one thing at least, namely brainwashing. From a purely historical perspective, anyone with an open mind (which leaves out all brain dead liberals) must realize that our Founders named the Militia as being the ONLY thing necessary to the security of a free state. That is as strong a recommendation as anyone can give so we should work on getting people to accept it as it would make a world of difference in how the traitors in DC treat us.

    Anyway, welcome. I am in central TX so maybe we can chat sometime. My wife lets me do the heavy lifting but she is behind me 100%, though it tool a few years to get there, lol.

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