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Thread: Found a wonderful Science Fiction author - John Scalzi!!

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    Default Found a wonderful Science Fiction author - John Scalzi!!

    Actually, this has NOTHING to do with STHF, but I am so pleased to find this SF author that I had to share with you guys.

    There is probably other preppers like me that love GOOD SF. 99.997% of the Science Fiction written in the last 30+ years is total trash.

    Not to detract from the Master, Robert Heinlein, but John Scalzi is up there at least in the same league. His books are a pleasure to read, its been ages since I found a book that I could put down, or when I am reading, you enter that time fails to mean anything and you get lost in th book.

    Out of desparation to find something new (you can only ready Starship Troopers or The Moon is a Harsh Mistriss so many times). I picked up Scalzi "An Old Man's War" and it was awesome from the first chapter. A review said Scalzi was reminiscent of the Master - Robert Heinlein.

    The book takes a very interesting and plausable track on cloning and bio-engineering. Its about 200 years in the future and humanity is at war with mostly every other senient race in the galaxy, fighting over the best real estate. Its not this touchy-feely kum-by-yah group-hug Star Trek universe.

    I have NO connection with the author or publisher...just a big fan.

    Has anyone else found a good SF that is similar to the early years of SF?
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    Twenty-fourish years ago, Robert Jordan started an epic series titled "Wheel of Time". He completed up to book 12 before he died. At the request of Jordans widow, Brandon Sanderson has taken over completing the set. It's a sword's and sorcery epic, that sits on the bookshelf like a set of encyclopedias. Fifteen books in all.
    Jordan left copious notes and outlines for where he wanted the story to go.

    Initially Jordans character developement was interesting and added to the story, but as more characters were added it became a bit tedious. Sanderson has breathed new life into the story, and I couldn't put the book down, and I am eagerly awaitng the last tome which should be out in early January.
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    His "old man's war" series is great.
    Haven't read "zoe's tale" yet.
    His "little fuzzy" sucked, I've read Piper's version too many times.
    I might give his "red shirts" (star trek) a try too.

    You really need to give John Ringo a try.
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    I strongly agree with you about modern sci fi AFNAV82,i look for and buy vintage sci fi and am currently reading Men MARTIANS and Machines by ERIC FRANK RUSSELL.Ebay and amazon are good places to look for vintage sci fi.Thank you for the heads up on author John Scalzi.
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    Just read Lois McMaster Bujolds Vorkosigan series....pretty good.

    Stay away from Ringo for medical advice.....

    And Tom Kratman is good - just started the M-day stuff.
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    I like E.E. Knight's Novels of Vampire Earth. Good spin on aliens, shtf, vampires, and nothing like what you are reading when you read any of those three words. Focused upon one man in a postSHTF guerrilla free army, personal experiences and suchlike. Got me to thinking.

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    What the **** was THAT??? ^^^^^

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    "The First Gay President", L'dMAO!! "Peace can ONLY be achieved through SUPERIOR FIREPOWER, STOMPING LIBS and CARPETBOMBING"!!

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