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Thread: Optimus Nova Plus Review

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    Default Optimus Nova Plus Review

    So got my new stove in here a few weeks ago. Thought I would drop a note on how it preformed.

    Tonight was the first time I could actually take it out and fire it up.

    So here it is:

    Stove: Optimus Nova Plus
    Weight: 15 OZ
    Dimensions: Approximately 4.9" x 3.4" x 2.6"
    Fuel Type: Optimus Arctic Fuel, Gasoline, white gas, kerosene, diesel and jet fuel
    Advertised fuel usage: up to 2.5 h at maximum output (using 450 ml fuel)
    Kit includes: Burner, pump, wind shield, tool, stuff bag, wear parts and lubricant (fuel bottle not included and must be purchased separately)

    For this test of my gear I also for the first time used my new Jetboil 1.5 Liter Cooking Pot. Inside it has .5, 1.0 and 1.5 Liter markings. It has around it a material orange wrap that has the brand name and all on it that kind of seemed like a fire hazard to me, but posed no such issue during the test. Don't know that I would leave it on for cooking over an open flame though. It is caped on the top and bottom by a black saucer that can be used as a plate.

    For my test I decided 1.0 Liter would be the standard. I picked this kit because I wanted to be able to put the stove inside the kit, along with a few other accessories. Turns out it was the right choices because it fit s all nice and snug inside the kit (no rattle), however had to replace the original bag with a few zip lock bags to make it work.

    So start up was interesting. What it took was inserting the pump into the (purchased separately) bottle. Next step was to pump up the pressure in the bottle, and hook up the stove to the pump. You have to squirt a little fuel onto the pad to pre-warm the burner before it can function properly. One thing I noticed about the fuel regulator is its backwards. The arrow points in the direction of off. So you have to turn the valve in the opposite direction of the arrow to increase the burn. So turning in the opposite direction of the arrow I got the pad wet with fuel, turned the valve off, and lit the pad with a standard BIC lighter. Pre warm took a few minutes, turned the regulator up and it took a minute to work at optimal level.

    It is recommended that you use diesel as a last resort. Well I bought this stove for that particular purpose, being that the generator, truck and four wheeler I have are all ran off diesel. Its what I will have on hand, so that's what was used for this test.

    So its test was to boil one liter of water. After I thought I got it, I put the pot on the burner. First "test load" took about 10 minutes to boil, then I got the burn down pat and it only took 8 minutes, 30 seconds to boil the 1.0 liters of water. Their site advertises 3.5 minutes but I am sure climate has something to do with it.

    Conditions (checked by my Kestrel 4000NV pocket weather tracker):
    42 degrees F
    3 mile an hour wind "gusts"
    487 feet below sea level
    Subsequently I found the batteries in my Kestrel down to 5% life. So gave me a chance to change these out as well.

    Once going this thing sounds like a jet.

    The test went well. Be careful when removing the pump from the tank for the tank will still be pressurized.

    Wiped down all parts and put them back in their respective plastic zip lock bags. Which you will want to make sure you use so that the inside of your kit doesn't get all fuel smelling and contaminated.

    There is a little more to this unit but it I will let Youtube fill in the gaps.

    And here is a link to the kit I am referring to in the review.

    Overall very nice little stove, and I really look forward to getting it out in the woods. Kit was good, just the right size and looks like it will also be great once I get it into the great outdoors.


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    I have a older (and well used) Nova. Small, light weight, and does the job with multi-fuel inputs.
    Good gear!

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    Default Optimus Nova Plus R

    Great lookin bumper dude Also, those headlights r amazing. May I ask where you got them?

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    I'll question your elevation as a typo, which I'm very good at, but would think that elevation played a part in speed of boil also. Good review.
    Once on safari in deepest darkest Afganistan we ran out of Gin, and were compelled to survive on food and water for several days.

    I typically carry a flask of vodka for snakebites. I also carry a small snake.- W. C. Fields

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    I just could never get into the liquid fuel stove mindset. I guess, in places where there's no wood, it's a necessity, but I'd never go to such a place, much less live in one. I love my trees, lakes and mountains.

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    Default Optimus Nova Plus Review

    Matt was kind enough to meet up with Pam down in Castle Rock and drop off the tank, so I will be getting it filled on Monday hopefully and will have some results for everyone here pretty soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by KINGCHIP View Post
    I'll question your elevation as a typo, which I'm very good at, but would think that elevation played a part in speed of boil also. Good review.
    I would also mention the fuel type, as diesel generally burns at lower temperatures than the other, lower viscosity, fuels mentioned that this stove will burn.

    I'm almost certain that the burn times are listed with either white gas (camp fuel) or unleaded. I know my MSR whisperlites burn a LOT hotter on camp fuel and unleaded, so I'd imagine most jet burners do too.


    I'm VERY curious as to how badly it sooted everything up? Were your pots absolutely black from burning diesel?

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    Default Optimus Nova Plus Review

    Very interesting review with lots of details. Im just wondering how he/she/they sell a 6 and even a 7 pin lock with 5 pin keys. Also what milling part cut your finger?


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