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Thread: Find a station selling real gas near you

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    Luckily, most every station around my area sells 100% gasoline - no ethanol.

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    Goodand relevant link you provide to us.thanks

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    High octane fuel is made for high performance engines with high compression ratios. The added octane factor prevents pre-ignition where the fuel-air mixture would be compressed to the point of igniting before the spark plug fires when using regular gasoline. Pre-ignition can wreak havoc with the engine's internals. if your car does not have a high performance engine than high octane is a waste of money.

    AFA pure gasoline is concerned- sure, why not?

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    I run mostly AvGas in water toys because it has no ethanol now I add Marvel Mystery Oil to each tank for some lubricity.. I have found two places that were non-E gas that recently lost supply and now are selling E-gas. Be careful what you buy. This site is not 100%, I have learned.
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