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Thread: any cattle ranchers out there

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    in BFE (meaning out in the middle of nowhere)


    Quote Originally Posted by KINGCHIP View Post
    I was just giving you a hard time. The pics indicate that the cattle are not hurting for food.

    BTW, got a link for that GM dirt?

    The cattle are very well fed and thankfully we have a lot of pasture land and water as well as a lot of hay and alfalfa

    the GM dirt was a joke so no link ... but I wouldn't put it past such a company like Monsanto to come up with such an idea and then market the hell out of it and force it on people via regulations and new laws after paying off the law makers

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    You don't see rainbow colored cattle around here anymore. Mostly straight blacks, baldies and redbaldies.

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    I have a few registered Murray Grey cattle. I am done to 10 mama cows and their calves. I am in Western Arkansas.

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    We thought about having a small herd (we have a good amount of land that we lease out for dry hay farming to some rancher friends). We we end up with a good amount of hay every fall (our portion). But we've decided to give dairy goats a try instead. They eat pretty much anything and you get the benefit of meat and dairy plus they're packaged in a family friendly size. Having a whole cow to butcher then store somehow without the use of electricity could get much more difficult come SHTF. I figure having 50 goats or something like that would make it a lot easier to slaughter and use up the meat before it goes bad.
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