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    Default When SHTF Master .pdf List - Last Update 14DEC2011

    I've been doing alot of reading on here over the last few months and have found many good .pdf resources buried in a huge variety of threads covering water, food storage, survival skills, medical skills, etc. Has there ever been, or is there now a comprehensive list of .pdf manuals?

    I've started a project recently of finding all these different .pdf files and downloading them to my iPad since that is the quickest (and most likely first in this case) item I will take with me if I have to get out of town for whatever reason. That way all these documents will be at my fingertips when I need to reference them. I'm using Good Reader because I'm able to sort the files into subjects.

    If there's something like this already, please help me find it. If it doesn't yet exist, maybe this is the thread to start it? Maybe it could be sticky right up there with the When SHTF Master List. The first two I have at my fingertips are below. I know there are many more, and I can update this post as more get added.


    General Survival
    Doom Survival Guide

    Texas Rainwater harvesting Manual
    The Keyline Plan - Water management for agricultural use
    The Challenge of Landscape: The Development And Practice Of Keyline
    Geographical And Topographical Basis Of Keyline

    The Fast Wild Food Cookbook
    Planting A Wild Turkey Food Plot
    Pocket Urban Foraging Guide
    Pocket Cornwall Foraging Guide
    Pocket Riverside Foraging Guide
    Data Sheet - Chickweek
    Data Sheet - Dandelion
    Data Sheet - Hops
    Data Sheet - Nettles
    Data Sheet - Rosebay Willowherb
    Data Sheet - Greater Plantain
    Data Sheet - Smooth Sow-thistle
    Data Sheet - Preparing Thistles

    Permaculture - A Designer's Manual
    The Essence Of Permaculture

    Reference Books
    Foxfire 1
    Foxfire 2
    Foxfire 3
    Foxfire 4
    Foxfire 5
    Foxfire 6

    Map Reading And Navigation - FM 3-25.26

    Where There Is No Doctor
    Where There Is No Dentist

    Personal Disasters
    Household And Personal Property Inventory Book

    Atlas Shrugged
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