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Thread: When SHTF Master .pdf List

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    Anyone have copies or working links? Foxfire isn't bringing up an active link for me. I had to reinstall my computer, and even though I did make a paper copy, I like having them digitally as well.

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    Just a heads up, some of the links are inoperative. Foxfire, Atlas Shrugged....

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    If you want the PDFs from the links already organized PM me your snail mail address and I'll add you to my mailing list

    I have a thumb drive of the material being passed around

    Not technically survival stuff, and there are certainly newer versions of most of these PDFs, but some of you might find a nugget or two you hadn't seen elsewhere:
    and heres a guy with a few files:
    and another site:
    Librium no longer has free downloads, but you might find a file you want here:
    some car stuff, thought some might like it:
    not PDFs, but an interesting site:
    More of an academic site, but might interest someone:
    some stuff that might interest some people:
    Map stuff at bottom of page :
    A few general PDFs:
    A few PDFs on the right on this blog:
    Couple of rope-related PDFs here under the e-books section for you knot/ rope fans:
    I've seen this elsewhere but never checked out this site:
    They have more docs here:
    Some interesting documents relating to the mountain men that may have survival applications:
    We always see US .mil FMs on gun boards. Here are the Canadian equivalents, in case anyone has ever wanted to look over their stuff:
    Aussie Med Stuff here:
    Some of this stuff might be of interest to someone; I include it mainly for the knot PDF's:
    Entertainment Value only. For you “zombie lovers” :
    Scribd is also no longer free, and they are deleting many files, so I can’t vouch if this will stay a valid link:
    I have no idea if any of this might be useful, but it looks interesting:
    Historical in nature, but you may find interesting:

    Bunch of solar downloads here that might be useful to someone:
    Information in here sounds interesting in the right context:
    Some general preparedness PDFs from this site:
    I've steered away from posting links to other boards, but since this board seems to be hosting quite a few PDFs I hadn't seen elsewhere, I thought I'd make an exception. Registration is required, but no minimum post count required before you can download, as with some other boards:
    There are chapters 2 through 4 online; here is chapter 4, about saws:
    While the parent directory revolves around a particular medical issue, i thought there were some items listed here that might have some general medical interest:
    If you are into AKs, G3, etc, this guy seems to have a wider selection of manuals than I've seen elsewhere:
    Weapons stuff:
    Some non-survival reading:
    Some planting PDFs on this site : pdf here:
    A few manuals for .mil heaters listed on the right side of the page:
    Some PDFs and other info in there that might be interesting :

    Click on this guys' pics and it leads to PDFs on the topic:

    Not quite survival related, but interesting stuff:

    Medical info:
    PDFs at bottom of page:

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    Alcohol PDFs on bottom of page:

    PAW fiction:

    Medical cheat sheets:

    SOME stuff on this site is free and downloadable. You need to pick around the folders:
    Check out other links to left of this page:
    A few more sites, concentrating on weapons manuals. Tried to not repeat any links already posted.
    Right side of the page:
    links on right side of page:
    Articles and downloads:
    Click on the pictures for the PDFs:
    PDFs about radiological emergencies for first responders:
    Consider poking around the rest of that site for more information.
    Some replication of some downloads from elsewhere, but also some information I haven’t seen anywhere else:
    Lots of downloadable medical stuff here:
    This link went out on one of the prepper boards. Including it here for the folks who might have a reason to use one of the firearms-related calculators:
    Background nuke info for those interested:
    Surf around the parent directory, but between the JPG collection and the survival books, I found these two links to be the most useful portions of the site:
    Scroll down page for some free plans:
    Spreadsheets for every imaginable thing. You might want to poke around the parent directory as well. Obviously there is a focus here on agriculture, but see if anything else interests you:
    You might find something useful here about agriculture:
    Most of this sites stuff is repetitive, but since many of these sites seem to drop off the net without warning, it doesn't hurt to have a backup site with similar material on it:
    I saw this site and figured stuff on it about the old dairy tech might help SOMEONE here eventually:
    Mostly duplication of other sites' stuff, but there ARE some things here I haven't seen elsewhere:
    You'll need to do a search for "PDF","download", direct link to each PDF:
    Old stove instructions:
    Some of you who still have tools from when they made that stuff here in the US might find one or more of these useful:
    For any Brits in the audience:
    Shelf Stable Ingredient Cookbook:
    You'll need to click on survival manuals on the left side of the page:
    Free PDFs. Some are downloads, some are read-online only

    A few downloads from a Brit scout site. Might be useful for teaching stuff to your kids:
    I keep seeing peoplepost about using a straight razor post-SHTF. You might want to read up on this: ... r_hive.pdf .

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    Couple of food/ foraging PDF links from this page:

    Tinfoils loose here, reader beware:
    Check out the manual and pamphlets sections:
    Not sure I'm ready to eat these, but some of you might find this cookbook interesting!
    Planting schedules:
    It is a dirty job but I suppose someone throughout history has had to do it. if PDFs on sewers and their history/ upkeep are your thing, look here:
    Hadn't heard of this site. Free e-books:

    Free audio books:
    The following aren't free audio books, from what I have seen:
    Generator Manuals:,
    You have to poke around the site to see all downloads:
    Some of this stuff looks interesting
    Few PDFs here on quilts, tarps, BOB Calculators, etc;jse...2-000bdba87d5b
    If metalworking is in your plans:
    For those who want to retrofit shipping containers as shelters:
    Home schooling e books
    Few e-books here:
    some pdf’s here:
    Mix of medical stuff here:
    Some archery PDFs
    They've revamped their downloads sections
    Don't recall seeing a couple of these elsewhere
    OK, haven't seen this stuff elsewhere
    Just another generic list
    Couple of sites with some interesting old-timey information that you can download for free
    (registration required for above )

    Theres a site called

    No, I wont hotlink to its library of survival texts, because quite frankly there are some texts in there that have nothing to do with survival and are offensive,

    If you want to go and check it out, thats on you. just be aware of the adult nature of some of the texts
    Inventory sheet in excel:
    Manuals from every part pf the gov't:

    blacksmithing stuff

    bottom of page

    Another manual
    Stove templates, anyone?

    You guys might want to check out the medical prepper link, in particular
    If you have one of the old GI gas stoves these scanned pages may help you

    some repeats here
    This gentlemans scribd page seems to be mostly charge-free
    Downloadable charts here

    Safe room plans from the gov't

    For Canadian readers:
    Free topo maps
    For Americans:

    Some older TMs and foreign stuff that might be of some interest:
    Follow the instructions to download the guide$4067
    NBC Stuff

    Click on the titles to download

    The other library sections of that site seem to be mostly dead links,%202000.pdf

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    One of the pressing questions of post-nuclear survival:
    "is my bottle of beer still safe to drink?"
    Free downloads along with the stuff that can be purchased

    This site apparently sells CDs of its material, but if you click on the links there are many documents that you can download
    Think I already posted this one, but without going back and looking I'll throw it up again
    Info on oil lamps
    Couple in here might have some usefulness
    One free, one paid e book

    Free download
    I always find stuff like this interesting to learn what kind of useful information might be "rediscovered for possible use

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    To tc556guy, et al.....

    Thanks for all the great links.
    I have gone through less than 25% and downloaded all that are active and downloadable.
    Great info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tc556guy View Post
    If you want the PDFs from the links already organized PM me your snail mail address and I'll add you to my mailing list

    I have a thumb drive of the material being passed around
    Are you willing to sell the actual PDFs on a USB Flash Drive (2.0) ???
    If yes, how much ???

    PS - MS Windows compatible
    If you prefer not to post an answer on the Forum, Please Email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B&C USA View Post
    Are you willing to sell the actual PDFs on a USB Flash Drive (2.0) ???
    If yes, how much ???

    PS - MS Windows compatible
    If you prefer not to post an answer on the Forum, Please Email.
    I send the collection around to interested parties on my thumbdrives or external drives.
    All I ask is that you send it back with any files of your own and any feedback (positive or negative) to make the collection better.
    I'd need your snail mail address to send the drive to through USPS

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    Thatz a sh*t load of files. Just outa curiosity tried women as a hobby?. Honestly hats off to ya for info but seriously get laid, more to preppin/ survival than this , if not its gonna be a miserable existance. Have some fun ...

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