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Thread: Uses for Salt

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    warm salt water in my mouth for a couple of days reinsing got rid of a couple of sores i had and another time an abeease

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    on a medical level salt and sugar can be used to make an infusion. Introvenous is tricky and not so easy in a survival situation (bob lee swaggert aside) but rectal is safe and almost as quick to rehydrate someone. a camelback works a treat but take the bite valve off first. just about any water even unpotable can be used so you don't have to drink your own urine like grylls to upcycle your pee and get those salts back.

    fresh pee is also a sterile irrugant for wounds as long as the donor hasn't been down to baha for the hookers.

    for large open wounds, burns etc.. then a saline wet dressing keeps the wound moist allowing it to heal without forming a crust, this minimises scar tissue and allows the wound to eject dirt and by products into the dressing again helping the healing and cutting down the gangrene risks.

    sphagnum moss has natural antibiotic properties and can be used in place or in preference to cotton wool, spider silk also has antibiotic properties.

    persistent mouth ulcers, rub the ulcer gently to remove as much white dead flesh, sprinkle with a little salt and place a piece of paper over the ulcer. the salt sterilises the area and the paper acts as a barrier to help it heal while the saliva attacks the paper instead.

    salt also works on leeches if you don't smoke.
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    I've always scratched where i got stung at.on account the bee/wasp leaves their stinger.scratching it removes the stinger. then i go inside and rinse the stunp area in cool tap water.but only if i get it under the faucet. then use a piece of aloe vera plant.
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    Use an electrolytic unit to turn salt solution into bleach... which can then be used for water purification or disinfectant cleaning. Liquid bleach degrades over time, gradually losing potency as it breaks down into salty water... the electrolytic unit is the same process in reverse.
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