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Thread: Need advice on peppers.

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    I just planted my first 6 plants. They're still seedlings, but were to cramped in the transplant pot I had them in. I dug out two patches of yard, and mixed in some nitrogen fertilizer soil I had with the original soil. I'll see how they take over the next couple of days and if all goes well and they don't die then I'm going to plant some more.

    Can't wait to see what peppers I get from the Burpee Hot Pepper mix, gonna be a great summer!
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    Husband planted the peppers next to the tomatoes(caged) and they did fine all he did was water and put plant food, miracle gro , I think, on them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TexasJeep View Post
    I grow chili pequin or tepin peppers here in Texas. They are sensitive to freezing, so I keep them in pots and bring them in on freeze nights. I have grown other peppers, but I like the pequins with their smokey flavor and heat. All my peppers like Miracle Grow and lots of water. Good luck.
    Anything THAT hot HAS to have a "smokey" flavor. (Sorry, TJ, couldn't resist that one). I like hot peppers myself. Cayenne is my favorite. I like to chop it up in any kind of peas, on pizza, in turnip greens,, heck... you name it. Its good any old way you want it. Hot peppers also have a number of health benefits.

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