I don't know if I have stated before on this forum but, I live in N. Alabama, in Decatur.
This past few days have been incredible.
Now, I am OK, and Decatur has been afflicted with bad power problems but as of today the power is atleast back on a temporary basis while major lines are bing replaced at Brown's Ferry. Decatur power is as I understand from my brother in law being imported from Guntersville. This will be for the next few days at least.
Nearby towns hit real hard. I had occasion to drive on Rt 20 out to Town Creek. A local BBQ joint is utterly gone and houses nearby are badly damaged if they even remain standing. Saw roof of one house on the side of the road.
Town Creek was out of power and I heard they also got it back just today.

I didn't really have any prep related problems but that is just luck. One thing that did pay off for me was having more than one battery radio, having more than one flashlight and LOTS of batteries of various sizes. This kept me informed and in touch with the goings on.
I think I need to consider .... maybe a generator?
To be honest the lack of one was not hurtful for me in any major way except I lost a lot of frozen/refrigerated foods. A neighbor has diabetes and his insulin must be kept cold. Ice, so nice a convenience for many who pick up bags of it and deplete the stores' supplies so their foods and beverages don't go bad, is for him a matter of remaining alive if the insulin cannot be replaced and goes bad. Thankfully between myself and other neighbors someone located him some ice from Gawd knows where and he's OK. He did buy a generator for this problem so in the future he can atleast keep his refigerator going and his insulin cold. That for him is a true priority.
For me I can't feel too bad because what I missed was computer and TV stuff and that's largely stuff I found I really couldn't be concerned with. The food was a very minor preps have some food stuff that will keep if the need should arise, but it didn't for now, Thank God. The food supplies I have for SHTF are intact.
But I am saddened by the death and destruction out there. We can rebuild the destruction. . . . . but the only thuing we can do for the death is to mourn.