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Thread: New calf

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    Thats true I know when I batch 1/2&1/2 goats goes threw with red headson white they bring more than a batch of the 3/4 breed boars that just happen to be red.

    i Had a solid red boar billy that i got on the cheap he threw some great kids on the 1/2 nannies but they were usually solids so they did not bring there true value.

    We are talking a 5 a pound so it really was not that big a deal. on 50# kids but you put a nickle on 10 900# well thats a trcuk payment there.

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    I've got two Holstein yearlings going to butcher end of August that we got at 2 days and hours old...started with tube progressed from there. I raised Herefords 4H as a kid.

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    Lost another calf last night :-(. It was born in a rain storm Sunday afternoon. Had to carry it about 1/4mile to a small grove of trees. I got home from work yesterday and she wasn't looking good. Her mother is around 7 years old and has teets so big she couldn't get them into her mouth. I got some fresh Jersey milk and got about 1/3 of a gallon in her and she seemed to be doing better. Went out this morning to feed her again and she was gone. Major suck.


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    I lost one sunday. Found him having been stepped on. Shot him up with LA 200 and some vitamin A,D,& E and whipped up some whole milk, half&half, and a whole egg. Didn't work. Be sure and take a pic and write it off.
    Once on safari in deepest darkest Afganistan we ran out of Gin, and were compelled to survive on food and water for several days.

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