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Thread: Advice on Medicines to have on hand post SHTF

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    Default Advice on Medicines to have on hand post SHTF

    I am still pretty new to this. I have some background in Emergency Medicine....EMT-B.
    So I have basic knowlege of first aid....etc. What I am not sure about for my post SHTF Med Kit is what if any antibiotics I should try to get my hands on to keep in rotation. My wife and I both have a SULFA allergy.....does this mean my kids are more likely to have the same? If so what could I/should I keep? Also are there any measures I can take to increase it's shelf life? Vaccum sealing? Cool and dark etc? Thanks in advance for any advice on this one!
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    Don't freeze drugs, but keep them cold, dry and dark.
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    The biggest acute danger in TEOTWAWKI is infection. I'm talking total meltdown, no Vets or Docs, no drugs, no other choice. Do not use these while society functions as your not in a last chance situation yet and you won't have many clues what you need, see your Vet. (wink_wink) This will keep your fish from getting ill from bacterial infections. (wink_wink)

    Check google for fish medications. Yes I said fish.

    Fish-cillin is Ampicillin,
    Fish-Mox is Amoxycillin,
    Fish-Ceph is Cephalexin (Keflex) ,
    Fish-pen is Penicillin,
    Fish-cyline is Tetracycline,
    Aqua-floxin is Ciprofloxacin (Cipro).
    Aqua-doxy is Doxycycline.

    Amazon is an excellent source but look around. Anything from Thomas Labs is labeled 'Standard Pharmacy Quality'. These are marked not for human consumption. They are made from the identical medications as those that are made for peeps However, these are for your sick fish, eh?

    This way, if the world goes to $h1t, you can find a vet or doctor or someone knowledgeable in the in infections and have the no longer available meds for them to administer. You might want to pick up "The Pill Book" so you can learn more about these medications.

    These are all powerful antibiotics that are used to treat gram positive and gram negative bacteria.( Gram+/- dictates the family of bacteria under a microscope) You should research illnesses and take note of what treats what. You would be well advised to print out information now on their proper use so that should you ever need them, the info will be available to you.

    Also, you should gather the standard analgesics (pain killers) and others like;
    Various cold & Flu meds
    Allergy meds
    Anti-fungal meds
    Gastro-intestinal meds (Ducolax, Ex-lax, Pepto Bismol, antacids, Milk of magnesia, ect...This is where the pill book comes in very handy as well as elsewhere)
    Various salves, ointments and liniments (mineral oil, Vick's Vapor rub, HEAT, ect)
    Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%
    Kotex pads & tampons (make great large bandages and hole pluggers)

    Ok, I'm getting off topic with the Kotex but I swear by them.

    That's it for now. Good luck.

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    Your best med is KNOWLEDGE!

    You can download these healthcare books from Hesperian:

    Especially "Where there is no doctor"

    These books are field tested every day in countries where SHTF is a daily reality.
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