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Thread: Forum Rules: Read them.

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    Default Forum Rules: Read them.

    Adding a sticky to this section as it seems that people just aren't reading the guidelines for the forum.

    as posted here

    Quote Originally Posted by Dagger
    Please read this post from MOlivo about what WhenSHTF is all about

    Back to the basics...*All members please read*
    Dear members...

    Lately there seems to have been an increase in unrelated matter here on the website. I thought it was time to go over some things about the site which may have gotten lost in the hectic rat race of the site growing.

    When I started, my goal was to create a friendly atmosphere for like minded preppers to get together and talk about survival information. We have grown relatively quickly for our age (The sites only a few years old). We try and maintain a pleasant atmosphere because one full of turmoil and arguing is counter productive and does not further our cause. I carefully choose my moderators and admins, because I want them to handle situations the way I would handle them myself.

    But it seems somewhere, especially since the elections, the threads posted are taking a dark turn for the worst. There has been alot of talk about uprisings, civil war, ect. I want to remind everyone, IS NOT an anti-government website. Many of us are extremely disappointed as well in the outcome of the elections as well. But is not a "militia" site, we are a survival and preparedness community, and I will not allow it to go in any other direction, which it seems certain members are trying to push it towards.

    This may very well be partly my fault, as with my recent health problems and work schedule I havent had much time on the forums myself to keep an eye on things. For that I apologize. I am going to try to be online a little more frequently to try and get things back under control here. I also ask that you try and respect our staff of moderators and administrators a little more, as they work on the site for free, much like myself; Its essentially having a second job and not getting paid for it.

    We're all excitied about the sites progression, but with growth and progression comes "growing pains", which I suspect we're feeling the effects of now. Let's all work together to get back to the basics here @!

    Thanks, and prep on!
    Matthew Olivo
    Also please read the general guidelines from this thread:

    General Guidelines
    1.) Posting derogatory comments of a racial, religious, or sexual nature. This includes your username, signature line, and title is not allowed. Site Staff and Moderators reserve the right to edit these items and to remove your ability to modify them in the future.

    2.) Posting pictures* or links to images which contain pornography, nudity+, animal cruelty, racism, or sexism is not allowed. (Any images of violence which are extreme will be removed and may result in a warning or worse.)

    *Posts with images of violence or photos of scantly clad men or women should contain a warning in the title. (NSFW - Not Safe for Work or Similar Warning) These types of images will not be tolerated if inserted at random in other discussions.

    Nudity is not appropriate in this forum and not allowed, this includes any photo which contains a clear view of genitalia or female nipples.

    3.) Posting or linking to information on how to make illegal modifications to firearms or purchase illegal items.

    4.) No discussion of illegal activity

    5.) Posting of someone else's personal contact information (home phone numbers, home addresses, unpublished e-mail addresses, and the like) are not allowed and will be edited or removed.

    6.) Repeatedly attacking or insulting a person in an effort to elicit a negative response will not be tolerated. You have a right to disagree, but please do so in a respectful manner. We're adults here, so act like it.

    7.) No discussing anything determined by the mods or admin to be detrimental to the site or its members
    a)Concerning discussion of killing/violence see this thread
    b)discussions of illegal activities

    8.) Posting repeat topics with similar or slightly varying titles. While it may seem to be funny, the "spamming" of the community in this manner results in problems for users and management. (Multiple topics on important issues or discussions are acceptable, this only applies to topics which waste resources for no other reason except personal enjoyment or humor.) Duplicate topics may be locked and referenced wit a link to the original posting.

    9.)Disallowed topics outside of Premium section: threads will be removed or closed without notice.
    a)Religious topics are no longer allowed outside of the Premium Members section, due to the sensitive nature of the topic.
    b)Political topics that do not have a direct effect on SHTF are not allowed. Also avoid dragging any thread into political bashing, it is not helpful to the forum and will be removed.

    10.)We do not allow advertising of competitive forums without prior permission from the management (IE other survival related forums).

    11.)NO LINK DUMPING! - this is defined as posting a thread with just a title and a link in it with no real substance added, if you post a link then you must also post a synopsis and/or some content of your own for discussion on the topic. Failure to do so will result in the thread being deleted. For more explanation of link dumping read this:
    I highlighted in red the ones that have been of particular issue in General discussion lately.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dagger
    Adding some information about starting threads.

    -Before starting a thread, please make an honest effort to place it in the right section of the forum. If you mess up, thats ok and we will fix it. DO NOT just cop out and place a disclaimer giving the mods permission to move your thread, this is disrespectful to the time moderators volunteer to keeping the forum running.

    -Pick your title carefully. It makes a big difference when searching for threads.
    - try not to use lots of dots or symbols.
    - attempt to use good spelling and make the title tell us what the thread is about. Titles like "WOW, LOOK AT THIS" tell us nothing and get old.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this information; sticking to a few simple guidelines will help everyone get more from the WhenSHTF community
    Mistakes happen, if you get a warning. It's not a big deal, its just a warning. It's our system for tracking to make sure people have been notified so that everyone doesn't jump on them for it. If you make a big public stink over a warning you will probably get a few day vacation to think about it.

    Best to just learn and move on enjoying the forum.

    Police yourselves. If someone else screws up, don't go get yourself in trouble over it, just report their post to the mods so that we know it needs to be looked at. We are not omniscient nor omnipresent.

    Help keep this place the great forum that it is.

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    May I sweetly suggest that the rules be enforced?
    Because if rules are not enforced, they become suggestions only.

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    Default Re: Forum Rules: Read them.

    Yup! Some of it puts some of us in a bad spot. I enjoy the forum but probably will have to drop out to avoid guilty by association. Talk is good, even venting, but...

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    Good families have their disagreements, even heated at times, but always with respect.
    I agree and accept the rules, however, some of them need a bit more clarification.

    General Guidelines:
    1.) Does this apply to "ancient" Jokes ?
    7.)c) HUH ?
    9.)b) I believe that any activity by the U.S. government is fair game, if not, please specify banned activity.

    Thank You

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