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Thread: Dugway Army base on lockdown - (Utah)

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    The bases are pretty liable to higher commands, the local communities, and the civilian employees.

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    Default Lost and found: VX episode at Dugway Proving Ground

    A missing bottle of VX nerve agent sparked an urgent situation Wed at Dugway Proving Ground, a United States military services weapons testing center in Utah. The commander of Dugway Proving Ground ordered a lockdown until the VX nerve agent was located early the next morning. The Chemical Weaponry Convention of 1993 placed a moratorium on the production of VX nerve agent, probably the most lethal substance ever devised for the extermination of human beings. Researchers have obtained huge personal loans to review this product even further. Resource for this article - Dugway Proving Ground locked down during VX nerve agent scare by MoneyBlogNewz.

    Where the missing VX was hiding

    Dugway Proving Ground was closed at 5:24 p.m. MST Wed. About 2,200 individuals were on the base at the time. The amount of VX nerve agent did not match records of what was designed to be there. In order to do a search, Dugway commander Col. William E. King closed the installation that is 801-505 acres. The VX nerve agent was just hiding. It was right there though. After testing sensor equipment, workers entrusted with the deadly substance put it in a mislabeled bottle. A Dugway Proving Ground spokesman said the VX nerve agent was accounted for and not a soul was ever in danger.

    The response VX makes take place

    Dugway’s missing vile had about one milliliter of VX nerve agent in it. That’s about 1/5 a teaspoon. The median lethal dose of VX nerve agent is about 734 micrograms through the skin and 30-50 micrograms if inhaled. A gram of VX nerve agent would be devastating. About 200,000 individuals could die from it. VX is just like motor oil in that it's viscous. It will not ever evaporate away. It only takes minutes to be killed by paralysis if a human gets exposed to VX with all the nerves being killed. In 1994, a member of the Aum Shinrikyo terrorist group killed someone with VX in Osaka, Japan who is the only known victim.

    VX considered a threat within the U.S.

    VX nerve agent is coveted by terrorists. There was a plant in Sudan suspected of trying to synthesize VX that was also linked to Iraq and Al Qaeda in 1998. Chemicals used to produce VX were discovered after the United States military services jets ruined the plant. The U.S. and Russia made some VX during the cold war. There was enough that all Earth life could have been killed multiple times. VX was set up for delivery in missiles, artillery shells and land mines. The last of the U.S. VX stockpile was ruined in Dec. 2008. Russia is working on destroying its stockpile of VX also. The U.S. and Germany are helping nudge that along.


    Salt Lake Tribune



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