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Thread: Colorado organized?

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    been at Lake George and did a one nighter on Mount Tarryall,, dead still,, not even a cayote ,, just me, a bedroll, and a plastic poncho..for a windbreak ,, during a fire ban too,, didnt know it at the time.. love them painted rocks but thats not my destination unfortunately

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    Did anyone attend the Denver Doomsday convention a few months ago?

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    Default I too am in Denver Metro

    Quote Originally Posted by shado View Post
    I live in the Denver metro area.

    I would love to meet up with fellow Denver preppers who plan to bug out if the need arises. Maybe we could share ideas and potential locations. Either there aren't very many in the metro area interested in prepping or I just haven't met them yet. I know, all to many, in this area are much too interested in keeping up with the Jones' to be bothered. I find that very odd considering some of the weather hazards notorious in this area and other potential issues. Anyway, contact me if you care to and maybe we can go from there.

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