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Thread: The Lodge

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    Chapter 11
    As the people were signing and milling around Duke and Hank were drinking a beer when Vikki walks up and says “ok the farm is a go correct? Ok, then I will get the paper work ready for signing next tell your brother he can work out of my office for time being, next I own the old fire station in town and everything on it. I am giving the building to the town sheriff to use as he sees fit, next I own the old doctors office in town also I will open it up for your guy to use for medical emergencies.”
    Duke said “said thank you, and do you think we can get the farm for?” Vikki says “let me guess quick close for the new co-op?” Hank says “yes” Vikki said that’s what I thought you two were up to.”

    Bob comes walking up and hands Hank a list, and says “the stuff that we have checked is all ready procured and we are going through the trailer now boss.” Duke and Hank went through the list

    3humvees 560s 25,000 rounds 7.62x51 2M35 15fullmedickits 2 50 M2s 5000rounds one 4x4 ambulance

    Duke says “Bob are you serious you need that much hardware?” Bob says remember what you seen yesterday well that was bad but when this news comes out things are going to get much worse, as a matter of fact there is a few things that I left of the list because we do not have the resources to use them?” Hank says “like what would that be?” Bob answered for one “a couple of pilots and planes would be nice that could cut down your patrol time way down.”

    Hank says “you do have pilots I fly and have a strip at my ranch, and so does my son. We both have your licenses.” Bob said “well then throw a 180 Cessna with tundra tires, too bad we don’t have a Heli pilot?” Well you do have one as a matter of fact, Kurt used to fly helicopters for the fire jumpers before he went to work here.” Bob says “Larry call the scrounger again and find us a huey UH1!” Bob continued “ well then we are just about there, except for the armored cars your brother told us that we was supplying, well that and the 35 krugerrands that he gave me to get everything” Larry said he found one in Ft. Campbell and he wants 5 with 2,000 of fuel?” Tell him it’s four or I will go see his sister again.” Larry says he will throw her in but it’s still 5, but he will throw in a case of M-4s , M-1 carbines and M1 Garands with 10k of ammo for each.” Bob yells back tell him a gross of mags for both and 5000 rounds for both.” Larry yells back “done!” Bob says “tell him to keep the sister she wasn’t any good anyway.”

    Ok Bob says “we need a place to store 2,000 gallons of air craft fuel asap” plus a place to run the huey out of, Hank I think since you have the room and Kurt lives here you will have the perfect place for it plus I have 3,000 gallons of Diesel coming from Ft Mc coy but those are in tankers that will be staying so I will have those dropped off at the old mill.”

    Hank says “when is this coming and how do we get the stuff on the bases?” Well the
    M35s will be parked at the truck stop outside of Dillon with the 50s in the back, Poco and me will take the Kenworth down to Portland and pick up 3 humvees on a trailer and drive away with them. Now you need to have some ready to use this flasher that I am going to give you, pick up the pilot and take his ass to Boise to catch a c-130 to Ft Brag so he can deploy by Monday 5:00 am. The fuel will be here in a week or two.”

    Vikki walked up to Bob and gave him a set of keys and says “here’s your new office, and you two come with me we have papers to sign.” Duke and Hank walked with her up to her chev Astro van ok here swath I have, They well take 225,000.00, or at gold prices today 45 ozs of gold they are ready to close Monday.” They looked at each other and signed it quick, then asked “how did she do that there is hay, potatoes, apples, and pears ready to be picked plus all the equipment?” Vikki said “well they heard about what happened in Green Mountain and everything else so they dropped the price to pay for their new place in Costa Rica.” Duke runs up to the house and comes back with 46 1 oz gold coins and hands then to Vikki and says “Hank you owe me 23 oz.” Then they headed back to the barn, were Bob pulled out the ram charger and say “Jason’s having Jennie bring us some food and beer to the fire house we are all heading that way to see what needs to be done, you old farts going or not?” So walked up to the house and told the women what they were doing they said “OK, and they would be there shortly after.”

    Dukes and Hank jumped in Duke’s truck and left in a hurry for town with Kenney and Poco in trail in Poco’s Suburban. When they arrived, there were about 10 trucks there, already working on getting all the doors open on the old firehouse. Duke backed in next to the ram charger, Duke and Hank got out of the truck, Duke says “Jason get the weapons out of the safe in the box and the ones out of the ram and get them laid out on the bed of my truck. Kenney see if you can get those old fire trucks started and moved out. Poco get all the gear out of that place and stacked up and see what there is. Bob grab Roger and let’s see what we got.” So Bob, Duke and Roger started walking around the building.

    Kenney says let’s see what we got here a older Mack pump truck and hose truck, a old C-65 chev 4x4 flatbed with a 1500 gallon tank ,pump, and real truck, and looky here a 81’ ford 4x4 1 ton crew truck with a closed utility bed, just like the one I shot back home. Nick checked to see if the keys are in them, you try to fire up the two small ones, I’ll try the Mack.” Nick jumps in the C-65 and the keys where on the seat, he puts them in the ignition and nothing not even a click, then he sees a switch that says batteries on it an flips the switch and tries it again grr, grrrah, and then it catches he starts to lose the motor then he gave it some gas and it start to run on its own, he put in gear and drove it out of the bay parks it, and Leaves it running so the batteries will charge.

    Then he goes to the ford he jumps in and looks for the battery switch and flips it, puts the keys in and notices it’s a diesel, so he turns the key to the on position the glow plugs comes on counts to 5 and tries to start it and it fired up after about the third try and pulls it out and does the same, leaves it running.

    He then sees that Kenney is climbing out of the hood and gets in to start it and nothing, Nick walks up and flips the battery switch and says “now try it old man” Kenney looks at him with that oh really you didn’t say that face and turns the key and it fired right up on the first try pulled it out in the sun light.

    Poco started looking for the extra gear and found it in a small shop area and started hauling it out Bear helped him, Mike and Cory started to empty the ford, and also pile it with the rest of the equipment. When Captain Seal pulled in and said “well this must be the new head quarters, hey Cory I have that stuff in my car for you” as he popped the trunk and walk over to Jason laying out weapons when Jason yelled “HOLLY ****! Bob come here and look at this.” Bob comes out of the building over to Jason and looks down, and says “who were those guys, that’s a heavy barrel PKM with a 75 round drum clip, I will lay you money that its fully auto.” Seal says “what the hell does that mean?” Bob says “that’s one BMF with a can of whoop ass on the side, let me see that”

    He grabs it checks the camber walks it to the back of the building points it at the bank on the other side of the river flips the safety and pulls the trigger, the rounds cycled through it as fast as they can on a rock on the other side that was decimated. He stops and clears the camber for a round. “Yep armor piercing, Tony did you take this out or did someone get a lucky shot off?” Tony said “yes he was the one on the building on the other side of town” Bob looked at Hank he saved all of your lives, because if the asshole with this would have leveled down on you guys the cars would not have helped. What else did you find in their gear?” Seal say truly I haven’t gone through the rest of their gear yet, it’s still in Green Meadows with their trucks.” Bob tells tony and mike to go get that truck now and bring it back “who can drive them?” Just then Jennie says “I can”

    Bob continued “Jason take this and get the rest out and unloaded please” Seals walks over to Poco and Bear and asks “which one of you took out the two down at the river?” Bear said “that was me sir” Seal asks did you scalp them while they were still alive or did you cut their throats first?”

    “Well sir that damn Apache blood came out in me and yes they were died first.” Seals says “damn it, one of those guys is the one that shot my brother and I wanted him to pay big time.” Well bear asks “How is your brother?” Well he’s doing much better, they say his recovery well takes some time but he should be out of the hospital in about a week.”

    Bear says “stay right here I well be right back as he walks to his Isuzu and comes back, and hands him a leather bag and a handmade knife and says “give this to your brother and tell him that the blood debt as been paid, here is the knife with his shooters blood and here is his there scalps sir.” Seal says “Thank you, I do not know what to say, I don’t understand but, sounds like something special.” Poco says “among me people, a warrior cannot fully recover until a blood debt is paid, and it is a great honor to have the warrior’s knife that spilt the blood of your enemy. Also that knife you hold was the finest knife that I have made that too is a great honor.” Poco looks at Bear and says “today you honor your race, yourself, and your family my son.” Poco continues “please have your brother come see us when he’s able he is a brave man.” Seal looks at them and says “I am honored to meet you both, I do not say, and I mean that, I just don’t say that to anyone so please take it to heart. I will tell my brother everything that you told me, thank you again.”

    Seal walks away looking down at the knife and bag when Duke pulls him aside “hey Captain can I have a word with you” Seal says “yes” Duke says “let me tell you something about what just happen there Poco is the great grandson of a great Chiricahua apache named JUH and that knife you have there was made from the steel of JUH’s knife, which makes it a holly item of his people so you really now know what it means.” Seal looked at him with a tear in his eye”what can I do to repay Bear for this?” I am glad you asked that Seal” says Duke “you can go over to my truck and under the front seat is a knife that I found in a gun shop in Boise and give it to him, then you can pay me the 40 bucks that it cost me.” Seal says “thank you.”

    Jason finishes unloading and laying out the weapons, he starts to write them all down on a list. When Jennie rolls back and says “they’re on their way, Jason what are you doing?” Jason says “listing these weapons want to help?” she says “sure” then he hands her the pad and pen and she hands him a cold beer. He smiles and says ”here we go, there is 18 AK-47s, the is 1 PKM,3 saiga 12g shotguns, there is 4 Glock 17s, 3 357 mags auto loaders, 5 p226 sigs, 2 45 colt 1911s, Magazines we have 33 load 40 round clips 37 empty for the AKs,12 20round drum mags saiga, we have about 20 full load Glock 17 and 4 that are empty, 357 mag 12 full, and 20 sig full, and these look like scorpion mags 10 full. Larry walks up and says “thank you and takes the scorpion mags” Jason continues “scratch the scorpion mags, we have 20 1911 mags half full. That’s it for now till the trucks get here.

    Duke walked over and said “let’s just get a place ready for the trucks that are coming in, and make up our mind on these trucks. And get the gear squared away today guys.” Then walked over to Bob and Roger and said “Bob where do you want the armory at?” Well says Bob “in the Captain office. Well take the front office, Roger here is all ready got the wall racks measured and sent his son john to get the material to close up that one window and build the racks.” Duke says “ok, what about these trucks, which ones do you want to keep? Well the ford is about the old thing I can use so Hank says he will take the C-65 so do you want the Mack?” Duke says”yeah I’ll take the Mack”

    The two trucks arrived, the first old is a ford f-250 extended cab pulling a trailer, and the second is an Isuzu commercial rig with a 14’ box van on it. Larry walks up and says” hey let’s get these inside and go through these trucks because something doesn’t smell right.” So they pull them in and they start with the F-250, they started pulling out gear, they found more weapons a couple of 40 cal smith’s , and a Dragunov SVD Tony picks it up and looks at it and says” Hey this is a real one look at the receiver you can’t even by one of these in the states.” Larry shakes his head “yes there is more.”

    As they went through the cab they found a brief case and opened it there was a map with banks marked on it and a satellite phone and a small phone book with a few numbers on it, Duke looked at the map and asks “what do these numbers mean on the side here” Tony looked over his shoulder and said “those are grid coordinates.” Poco was digging things out of the back of the truck and said “one of you soldiers come here and tell me what this before I touch it” So Mike jumped in the back and said Holy **** they got an RPG-7 with 2 cases of rockets.” Larry says “maps, grids, RPGs, then what’s in this bag.” As he throws a bag on the hood, Bob starts looking through it and he finds multiple passports, multiple drivers’ licenses, and then a wallet with several receipts in it. Next he finds another map with map grid and a key taped to it. Tony asked Jason “do you have your GPS with you?” Jason answers “I have all my gear in the Jeep I’ll get it”

    Jason came back with his GPS and says “what’s the dope” Tony handed him the map so Jason plugged in the numbers, and the tool started to do its job and the mapped area comes up Jason handed it to Tony. “It looks like that old abandon mining town up in the basin, doesn’t it Hank?” says Tony, Hank agrees with a nod of his head. Bob asks “well how far is this place from here?

    “Well it’s about two hours by truck or one day by horse over the top and pointed” at Seven Devils mountain, says Tony. Larry says “hey look at this all these packs are set up for tactical use, I mean everything about these guys says mercs, something is going on here.”

    Bob looks up at Larry “well we need some horses, and two trucks maybe three, what I want to do is this.” As bob picks up the map, “show me where this place is at, ok looks like there is only one way in so Larry I want you with Bear, Mike, Cory, Duke, and Nick here in the trucks, and me, Tony, Jason, Kurt will ride in from the back side. Next I want Kenney and Poco parked here with that Mack truck empty,” Poco looked at him and asks “why empty?” Bob says, “Well good question first I want you parked there because if needed you can pull across here and block any pursuit, second empty it will be faster to move if needed, and thirdly if it is what I think it is we will need the space for loading equipment.” Poco nodded his head Kurt looks at Bob and says “I can cut down your ride time by a half a day” Bob looks at him and says “how?” Kurt says “Well we can drive with horse trailers to here from the Mac Mauling ranch because there upper pasture is right here.” Lauryn says “yes you can, but here is the problem you will need someone to guide you in from there and there’s one or two people that know their way in from there me and Jeremy, and he is in Moscow school.”

    Bob says “that’s up to Tony if he wants you to go but the rest of us need to get loaded up and get moving” Duke looks at his watch “shouldn’t we do this tomorrow we are going to lose daylight in about 3 hours.” Bob says your right but I want to hit this place before first thing tomorrow, Lauryn says “well it will take 3 hours to get up there from the upper pasture, if we start at 4:30 am we will be there by 7:30am ” Bob says” Lauryn take who you need to get the horses ready for tomorrow with you, next we will all need day packs, I also want standard battle packs with two pack ups, Also Kenney can you rig something up on the top of that ford so someone can ride up there with that PKM and have a little cover?” Kenney says “sure”.

    Hank says “What do you want my boys to do there Bob?” Bob says I’m thinking about having a third team walk in and hold the sides of your little box do you think they’re up to it?” Hank replies “They will handle their end” Captain Seal says “ Aren’t you forgetting something, like the state police on this little adventure Bob, I think they should be involved don’t you?” Bob replies “I really don’t think so because if it’s nothing then we wasted some peoples’ time and if it something then these guys are pro’s and the best way to deal with them is purely tactical force, and we have the guys and the equipment for that kind of job. Either way you will be involved, when I give you the report.”

    Seals Looks at Bob and says “can I have a word with you in private.” So they walk into the back office and shut the door. ‘Bob I hate to tell you this but I don’t want any reports, I do not want prisoners, just keep the piece and take care of business.” Bob looks at the Captain and says “yes Sir”.

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    Chapter 12
    The next morning everyone was ready except Bear, He was not to be found and the mare that he had been riding was missing. So Bob and Jason loaded up their gear into the ram charger well tony loaded up two horses in the two horse trailer behind the ram charger, Lauryn and Kurt loaded the rest of the horses in the larger horse trailer behind Lauryn’s truck. Bob asks “why are you bringing an extra horse?” Lauryn says well that one is a pack horse dummy were tail riding up in the mountains with all the gear that you want us to bring, we will need a pack horse to save time and the horses.”

    Tony loads up their gear in the truck, and says ok you two here’s what I want you to carry” he hands Kurt a Ak-47 with a 40round mag in it, and a shoulder bag with 6 more full mags. Then he says the same thing to Lauryn but hands here a 12g saiga shotgun with a 20round drum mag in it, and a small backpack with 3 more drums in it, and gave her a wink. Bob says “good choice is it loaded with buck?” Tony nodded yes. Bob looked at Larry and said “Channel 2 as they both applied there magna phones.”
    As they split up team one heading for the parking area, and they others up the upper pasture at o dark 30. Lauryn says “I called Joann to have all the gates open and she said she would.” When they got to the ranch all the gates were open, and when they pulled up to the upper pasture they found 4 rigs with smaller house trailers all ready there waiting including Bear and Zeus. Bob got out and says “what’s all this?” Bear answered well I thought we might need some help so I call the Shoshoni tribal militia and they said they would be happy to help I would like to introduce there captain standing Elk.” Bob shook his hand and said thank you for the help, but most of us are ex Army Special forces here so we don’t even know if he will need any help.”

    Standing elk looks at him and says” Well my scouts should be coming in here soon, and most of us here are ex-marines “force recon” and the 10 that are waiting up at the second staging area are too, and your welcome. Just then two men on horses come into view, they ride down to where standing elk is and make their report.
    Standing elk says there in about 20 men, 8 vehicles, four motor bikes, 3 sentries that were changed at 3:30 am, one large motor home that looks to set up with sat links, everything is under netting. It looks like a forward command post of some kind.”

    Bob says “are your men armed well?” Standing elk answers “semi autos and lever action” well I have 4 extra full auto aks in the truck so gives those out to your best men. By then Lauryn had all the horses ready to go, Bob says I wish I could get this info to Larry” Bears says I beat I can get there in time ridding around them and get them the message.” Bob said “ok.”

    Bear lifts Zeus on to the back of the horse and then he mounts the stead. And starts riding up the mountain at a steady pace. Bob says “gear check in 15 minutes,” about 25 minutes later Lauryn starts to ride up the mountain fallowing the two scouts pulling the pack horse. Tony has is tack vest on SAR8 slung over his shoulder and the 1927 A1 over his saddle with a full drum ready to go riding next to Lauryn. The rest are riding at a good pace behind the rest.

    Around 7:15 Larry heard a some brush moving about 100 yards behind him when he saw bear come out of the brush on a horse, he rides up to Larry and tell him the report, Larry says back to Bear “well I’m glad you showed up, and next time tell me that your inviting friends. I almost **** my pants when I seen all of these guys!” About 45 minutes later Larry hears Bob on the magna phone “ok we are in position and the sentries are taken care of , have hanks men take their position and tell them not to shoot unless they have too, we hit them in 30 mikes.”

    Standing elk sends some men down to the bunking areas (about 10 large canvas wall tents) and prepare. Tony tells Lauryn to ‘lay here with him with the spotting scope, and protect the horses.” Bob and Jason stand ready behind some trees, when Bob says “go.”

    Larry fires up the ford and slams it into gear and stands on the fuel peddle, the ford leaps forward and the rest fallowed. The ford was the first one to enter the compound, with one of the braves on the top with the PKM at the ready, and then came Duke in the ranch flat bed with several in the bed standing at the ready to fire position.
    Bob yells “it’s the police come out with your hands up” Just then a gunman comes out of a tent and tries to fire when one of the braves takes him down and snaps his neck. Then automatic fire starts coming from another tent, and another, Tony aims about 6 inches next to a flash and sends a 7.62 angel of death down range, while the PKM opens up in 3-5 round burst into all the tents, Bob and Jason also open up on the areas that were firing on them. 5 of the Gunman ran out the back towards the bikes and when they reached the bikes Russ and his team, level them with rifle fire. Bob yells “hold your fire, now let’s try this again come out with your hands up, you are surrounded. Just then Tony releases another angel down range an drops a gunman to bobs left.”

    The door opens on the motor home and two guys walk out saying with an accent “we give up, all members stand down” Bob says “down on the ground” so they drop to the ground in a spread eagle position. Kurt runs up to cover them when a lone gunman fires a dying shot that strikes Kurt in the head he falls d, Bear yell Attack and Zeus charged the arm that was holding the rifle, it almost snaps it in half the charged his face and head, until he had him by the neck and locked on till the gunman went lifeless. Bob yells everyone hold, bear you and some of your friends please make sure those ****ers are died, Jason cover me” as bob moves to the front of the motor home. “ Hey Bear have that dog clear the motor home,” Bear runs over to the side of the RV then say” release” and Zeus heals on Bear, and then Bear points at the open door of the Rv and orders “CEAR”. The dog enters the Rv and you hear a man scream and Zeus attacking more screams and bear yells “Hold. “and then all you hear is an evil growl. Ok “clear” says Bob, then multiple “clears” then all of a sudden you here Bang , bang, bang, bang from the saiga the Lauryn yells “real ****ing clear.”

    Cory goes driving up on the flatbed throws out his trifold medic pack on the bed and yells for all injured Bear and nick pick up Kurt and place him on the bed of the truck and Cory goes right to work and yells “thank god, it’s only and flesh wound.” So Cory clears it and wraps his head with a bandage, then breaks open some salts and waves it under his nose, Kurt starts to react to the salts and opens his eyes, and says Jesus Christ that smells really bad.” Cory says you crazy mother I should kick your ass you know that you came about to some else nailing your wife.”

    Bob yells for Standing elk “are your people in need of any medical?” standing elk says “yeah three” well send them over to Cory at the flat bed say Bob. Then Bob yelled for “Bear and Jason to clear that rv out and get them lined up, Mike jump on that bike over there and get Kenney and Poco, standing elk have the rest of your men police up all weapons and gear.” Standing elk say “what if any are still alive? Bob answered him with”well then fix that problem with each of them, Lauryn you and Tony bring down the horses and any bodies and gear.

    Then Bob turns his attention to the three that were still alive. “Ok you the Irish sounding one, where you from and what are you doing here? The guy screams “piss off I want an attorney, you ****ing tosser” damn I was hoping you would say that, because I have never seen it done, and I was real hopping to. The guy says “what’s that? Well that man behind you is named Bear and he is an Apache warrior and he loves to collect scalps, and since you have decided to be an asshole I think I will let him start with you, but I also think since you’re such a tuff guy that it should be while you’re still alive! Bear!”

    With that Bear pull out is bowie knife that the Captain had gave him walk over and grabbed the top of the assholes head by the hair while he was on his knees says something in Native American which got all the others hooting and put is knife to his scalp and. “I’ll talk I’ll talk” says the man, I am named Duncan, we here are all hired soldiers. That ****er there is from China he hired us and equipped us, we are here to get resources, gold, and paper money. There are 3 groups of us one is in Washington heading for I-5 to hit 22 targets between Tacoma and baker city then meet back here and one group is coming in for resupply from Montana that are overdue.” Bob says “you mean dead, right or didn’t you know that we killed them because they ****ed around in my towns” Bob says to Larry get on the sat phone and get Captain up here.” Hey Standing Elk leave my Aks in the ford over there split up half the pack gear and half the weapons, load up one of those trucks and get out of here, unless you would like to wait for captain Seal to show up to take the glory. Meet me tomorrow at my office because we need to talk.”

    Standing Elk says “No problem Sheriff I will see you tomorrow” he had his men take 8 rifles and 5 pistols and said that “will do us, and we will take that dodge over there.” So he had 5 men go up and start heading back with the horses. And the rest jumped in a newer dodge grey 4 door half ton short bed with the v-8, the rest started walking down to their vehicles parked below. Larry says to “Bob he will be here in about an hour he was at the ranch waiting.”

    “Ok Duncan where is all the stuff that you guys took?”asks Bob, Duncan says well in the three mine shafts over there, in them are containers there full now but we have already shipped out once already.”Bob says” If I send one of my men up there and he get as much as a hang nail Bear is going to finish what he started, so do I send up some one or not.” Duncan says there were 28 men up here besides me and these two; count them out because I have know idea where my men are.” Jason holds up a 2 fingers then 6 fingers, hey Lauryn how many did you get she says 2, both get it in the nuts and in the head.

    “Jason you, Bear and Zeus go check out the shafts, well I have a little chat with our Chinese friend here. Hey Poco can you show me that tactic of scalping someone alive if this asshole doesn’t talk. Poco looks at him as says “absolutely” then first walks over to a dead one and scalps the first one to him and makes sure he see him do it then walks over to him and grabs his hair with knife ready. “Ask away now that we have attention” says Poco

    Down at the main road the captains car pulls up and sees all the cars up ahead and parks and walks in, Duke sees him coming and says ”Hey Seal It’s the mother lode, Bob is just doing some questioning right now.” Seal walks up and sees Poco and bob questioning the man and says to Larry “Do I want to even know what’s going on?”
    Larry says well if this person does not answer every question that Bob asks Poco is going to scalp him alive, it seems to be working just fine. So Seals asks “what have we found out?” Larry says “well so far we have found out that this asshole here from china has hired around 150 out of work mercs to steal US paper money, gold, and resource to put the bite on the US since we have not started to buy them back, next there is a main group on the way to Tacoma Wa to start a circle of this **** till the made there way back here. So they have these containers up there full of ammo, food, money, stocks and bonds, real estate titles, gold, silver, gems, and so on. That one shipment is in elk city right now at the old mining warehouse there. And going to be back to bring more containers for the stuff that the other team is doing right now.” Seals ask” then what the hell were they going to do with them when and if this little plan worked.”

    Larry continues “well they were going to take them in a convoy up to Bonners Ferry then into Canada, load it up and fly it back to China, by the way say hello to General Kim of the China’s Domestic Security Department and the last adviser of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.” Seal says “I’ll be damned can I just have Poco scalp him anyway? That son of a bitch.” Bob turn around and says “Seal we taped everything would you like to ask him anything else while we are here? As you can see he is very eager to help us right at the moment ok I didn’t think so”

    “Ok Poco let him go, he’s been very helpful, you can take these zip ties and make sure they don’t try to leave early.” Bob ordered then bob motioned for Seal to come into the RV Bob looks at Seal and says” well here’s the deal the other assholes will be in Spokane tonight there about a 100 men strong here’s their rigs and travel plans.
    I took some liberties and called a buddy of mine at FT Lewis there are 5 units of crack rangers still there and are now moving out to Spokane I’m betting that you know the top dog for the Washington Troopers over there.” Seal said “yes I do” Bob says “well here is a sat phone fill him in.” So seal talks to the people that he needs to and hands it back to Bob.

    Bob says “since you can’t even tell the big boys about this raid here’s what is going into your report if you do not mind my help?” seal says no I do not mind” Well we are going to take all of the money, gold and silver and that **** and haul it down to this ware house, then you are going to show up there with every trooper you can get and have a huge bust, but we keep everything else for helping the towns and so on, sound good to you?” Seal says “if I can have 5 more AKs for some troopers that have to go a ways out in the boonies.”

    “Jason get 5 aks and 4 mags each and put them in the back of the Captians car and grab me one of those autos loaders and about 5 mags.” So Jason goes and takes care of the order and runs a 357 mag auto loader to bob. Bob says “here try something with a mag flavor” and hands it to Seal let’s say 3-4 hours you hit the warehouse. This well gives us the time to clean out this area and hit the warehouse and haul the goods out of that one.” Seal says “I’ll make it 6 hours and what about the prisoners?” Bob says I would have at least some prisoners, they will be gift wrapped for you there.”

    So they move everything to one container except the junk silver and 50 oz of gold that Duke and hank said was Seven devils tax for doing the states job. By this time Jennie pulls up in the kenworth and pulls out the first container, and heads back down to the ranch with nick riding shotgun next was Hanks driver in his old Peterbuilt, and he pulls the next container out headed to the ranch. Larry says “well Bob it looks like we have a KIA, the ford took 5 direct shots to the block through the grill and she’s done. Bob said damn well load everything out of the ford into one of the new trucks, and push it in to one of the empty shafts. “

    Well they were all working Lauryn and Kurt took all the horses back down the back side of the mountain that they rode up. When they got there they loaded the horses up and moved back to the ranch, why they got there she asked Kurt to tender to the horses please so she could switch trailers and get back up there with the ram charger on the flat bed trailer.

    So Lauryn unhooked the 6 horse trailer and load up the flatbed up and pulled up the ram charger when Jennie pulled in with the container and backed next to Kenney’s shop and jumped out and headed over to Lauryn and said “here let me help you, I’m readying back with you anyway, so they got everything tied down. Just then Justine came out and says “damn it is someone going to tell me what happen?” Lauryn said it was very scary, but everyone was ok except Kurt got a haircut and a head ache he is staying so he can fill you in on the rest, love ya bye.”

    So the girls started back up the mountain, and shortly after they showed up Nick was back in the Kennworth. Jennie unloaded the ram charger. Then Nick hooked up to the last container Bob and Larry loaded up in the ram charger, Jason and Tony loaded up into the dukes flatbed and Mike jumped in with Nick and last was bear and Zeus jumped in a astro minivan with the prisoners, and headed down the mountain towards elk City.

    The rest stayed there and loaded up everything else bear jumped in the bobcat that was there and started to move the dead to an old mining shaft and Jennie said “gross”. By the time he was done they had all the bikes ready to be loaded on the trailer and where just waiting for Bear. Bear then changes the buck for pallet forks then he starts to load crates and generators on Hanks flatbed. Then he loads the buck on the forks and pulls the Bobcat right up on the trailer. Then Jennie and Lauryn loaded all the bikes on and tied it all down, and headed back for the ranch. Cory says “we are two drivers short to get all the cars back down.” Duke says “what’s left?” Cory answers a dodge 80s diesel flatbed, and a Toyota 4x4 pick up.” Hank grabs one of the satellite phones and calls his ranch and has 3 guys to come up and get those vehicles and bring them to the ranch.

    So with Duke driving the motor home they started a convoy done the mountain to the ranch. About an hour later they pull into the ranch and start parking everything. By the shop and barn, Justine had Cheals bring down a cooler of cold beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels, while all the women finished dinner up at the house.

    It was getting to be 5:00 before they heard the Kenworth heading into the canyon with all the cars plus two more and Hanks Peterbuilt. The trucks pulled in and back up to Kenney’s shop. The rest parked by the rest by the pool house. “So how did it go?” Asked Duke “Well, fairly easy once Tony open up from the truck bed with that Thompson of his. Then the side door opened and they were running like hell then clank over here shoots two is the ass, and then Bear let Zeus go then it was pretty muck over.” Said Larry, Bob asks “hey boss how much did you pay for that dog anyway?” Duke said “2 gold coins why,” because he’s worth 20 gold coins and does everyone here know how to handle him? Duke says yes everyone except you and Larry.” Bob retorts with well we are going to fix that damn it, he is unbelievable, and we need to breed him ASAP.” Bear says with what a grisly, and laughs.” Tony asks where Lauryn is I haven’t had a chance to thank her for saving my ass, when those two came out of now where I was focused on the field and she took them both down, without thinking twice about it.” Duke says down at the barn grooming your horse, with Jennie.

    So tony grabbed a couple of cold beers and walked down to the barn and seen Jennie and motioned her to get lost. Then he walks up to her and says “are you ok honey” and hands her a beer. Lauryn turns to him and says “yeah I’m ok, I was scared but I’m ok.” Tony says well you saved my sweet ass today they would have had me.” Lauryn and that is a sweet ass but like I said it happened so quick I didn’t have time to think about it, I will be ok but you better Kiss my soon or lose me forever.”
    “Well bob do we go over this stuff today still or wait till tomorrow?” Asks duke, bob replies well we should so we know where everything goes tomorrow.” Duke says “Well let’s eat and get on it then.”

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    good read, but you should prolly have someone proof it. There are alot of errors. Overall great job

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    Great story!
    A mama's gotta protect her young.

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    love the story like how its is set in the northwest and pretty well set on locations would be nice to have a little back ground on duke besides he had a busines that mad him alot of money seems to be alot haven a excavation company even with investments just saying a little more back ground on duke would be nice bring it up in a talk with one of the newer people and i for one would be the first to sign up with duke and his group great read so far keep up the good work

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    Chapter 13
    After they ate and told the story of what happen they all went down to the shop and barn, Duke says “Jason, Jennie, Tony, and Lauryn weapons and gear jess, Juanita, and Justine food and recourses, Kenney and Nick vehicles, Derrick and Conrad paper work in the RV, Cory give Kurt another looking over, Bob and Larry start stripping everything that you want off this RV for the office.”

    So they all got working on their tasks and were finished in about two hours. The lists started coming one after another. First was Cory’s assement on Kurt: well he has a small concussion and a nice reminder scare but he will be fine, but tomorrow I would keep him on bed rest. After that Derrick and Con had the paper work all sorted and Con says “this pile needs to go to the Captain, this stack is what they stole in cash, silver, and gold and from where. These papers right here is where large amounts of gold, silver and diamonds are located in the US, and these’s are the paper work on all the farms, ranches and builds they have bought, here’s all the titles to the vehicles and here is a bag full of 1oz, 1/2oz, and ¼ oz gold coins that looks like the General was saving for himself. We are going to set up a general fund for the town with it if it’s all right with you all. Bob says “that will be fine”

    Next was Kenney he read off a list ”First I am happy to say there are no fords, next the Astro van is in great condition and wired with a built in sat phone and had a 44 mag auto loader in the glove compartment with 4 mags that is mine now. The Toyota is older body but has the newer 22re with the twin turbo on it so I would use that for getting anywhere fast and it’s in good shape, next is that Isuzu diesel it has everything you would want on it, including a 14’ van box would make a perfect delivery truck.
    Now there are those pair of jeeps cjs I think around 85s they have V6s in them and built in gun racks, and heavy duty roll bars. Next is that dodge it has a brand new motor and tranny but the bed sucks ass, I think we should pull that bed off the ford and slam it on the dodge. Last is the range rover diso that I think was the Generals ride it has everything on it. Bob says “well Kenney the problem is that for what you use the ford for, the dodge can’t work for we need the four door 4x4 but what I can say is fix the bed four bikes with a beaver tail on the back with ramps. So please fix the ford?”

    Duke says I want one of the jeeps for a run around and Hank should have one too, the Isuzu is Bobs call, the Toyota or the discovery should go to the people that helped us today. With whatever else that Bob decides should go to them. The astro should be a good rig for the department, and I think that Seal’s brother should get one. Bob says “Let’s give the Discovery to Seal for his brother and the Toyota to the militia and Justine should get the Isuzu.”

    Jason says “ok Weapons we have 45 aks with 10 40 round mags each, we have 4 more PKMs with 10 drums,20 saiga shotguns with 4 drums each, 20 Glock 17s with 4 mags each, 50 sig P226s with 4 mags each, we have 50 357 mags auto loaders with 5 mags each, we have 24 of these AK bull pups still in the case with a case of 144 mags, and twp full creates of sks old still in the packed in grease, and 12 G3 in a crate with 10 mags each. Ammo we have 30 cases of 7.62 X39 unopened we have 4 opened in lose form, we have 5 cases on striped clips unopened, we have 12 cases of 00 buck 12 gauge, 9mm we have about 10,000 rounds in 30 cal cans, about the same in 357 mag, and about 5,000 rounds in 7.62 x51, 2000 rounds in 32 auto, then we have 4 more RPGs with about 50 rockets.

    Jason continued”We have misc holsters and about 65 standard field backs, 30 sat phones, 50 magna phones, 20 police scanners, about 200 lbs of tnt , and about 100 under water cutting sticks. Bob say “Larry get the Captain on the line and tell him to stop by the ranch still tonight.” Jason put the Sks’s in the Toyota with 3 case of the ammo for them then I want you to put in 10 field packs and 10 each of the pistols with mags and 1000 rounds each and 5 of the scanners.

    Kurt looks at his watch and says I have to go get our friend and take him to Boise.” Cory says” you’re not driving in the state you’re in, take Cheals.” So they walk off to go get the pilot. Bob continues “Then take 12 of those bull pups, and a PKM and load them in the back of the Discovery with 5 field packs, and a sat phone. The rest of the gear get loaded up in the Isuzu for now and we will unload tomorrow at the firehouse.

    Mike says” will we have 6 four wheelers and 6 dual sport bikes all in good condition, 3 that are wasted.” Bob says split them up with Hank, and give him 10 Aks , 6 G3s and 5 each of the pistols ammo and mags and how many men to you have make sure that all have a field pack.

    Jess says “we have 200 55 gallon barrels of gas with hand pumps” Bob says ”give 1/3 that to the Indians, Hank and the firehouse. That reminds me Larry, you and Nick need to get on the road to Ft. Vancouver and Hank you need to get your guys on the road to Dillon.”

    Justine says” Well we have enough food to restock the market a 100 times over and still another whole container full for the co-op.” Bob says well I want to give some of that to our new friends I want them on our side plus it helps us because they are closer to the pass for patrols.”
    Derrick asks” hey Bob what about that Motor home? I think it would be a great place for two people that I know” Bob says “I’m way ahead of you on that Cory the RV is yours” Hank adds we have enough 4x4s at the ranch I think Jason should have the Jeep. Jason said “thank you”

    Bob continued “ now the gen sets are 20,000 kw I think we need 2 in town for emergency’s and I think Hank could use one since we are set up here, and now the containers I need one for the firehouse, Justine needs 2 of them, one for the bank, that leaves 2 left?” Hank says “that leaves one left I need one.” Duke says “I think that extra one should go up to the co-op.” Bob says done deal except my ford ,Kenney!” Kenney looks at him and laughs it well take 4-5 days to get a crate motor in and about 2 to replace it.”

    “While you’re at that after hauling withy that Ram Charger I could use some over loads on the back, a tune up, and a gear locker in the back can you help me with this too?” Kenney says sure well I fix the ford, fix the 1 ton, and everything else, and I bet you want me to strip the bikes for spare parts too.”
    Mike says “No that’s my job remember I can wrench too.”

    About that time Cheals drives by with two men in the cab of her suburban on her way to Boise and Kenney and Nick were just pulling out in the Kenworth. When the Sheriff pulls in. Seal parks his car and says “Holy **** storm I have been dealing with the News, the NSA, even the governor. By the way smart ass looking right at Jason did you have to shoot them in the ass, really, I mean really now?” Jason says “why look at me when you say that” with a smile on his face. “Because numb nuts Tony would have shot them in the head” said Seal. Jason said “you wanted prisoners, and they were running.”

    Bob, on the way in here I got a message that a helicopter landed somewhere around here would you know anything about that would you?” Bob smiled and said “as a matter of fact we here at the Seven devils police department have just acquired air support.”

    Seal says “I don’t want to know, do I?” Bob says best you not, also the town as decided to give that Discovery to your brother for all of his long service and there is a present in the back for you and your man.” Bob says “We Thank the town.”

    The next day two M-35s showed up loaded to the ranch and the day after 3 loaded humvees show up in a flatbed semi trailer. The town armory was completed on Tuesday with Roger and Johnny building a covered platform on top of the now police station. Jess, Jennie, Cory and Jason where working on the old clinic getting it ready and loaded from the gifts from the hospital. When Standing Elk shows up with a few guys in the dodge, Bob Says I was expecting you yesterday Standing Elk” Standing Elk says well we had to have a pow wow on what took place, and we have decided to join your town Militia and patrol.” Bob said “excellent, and we have some things for you to kind of your split it’s in the Toyota over there.” Standing Elk told the men to get everything out and inspected, then he looked at Bob and says the Dodge is not a good rig for the work we need to do its only a ½ ton. Can we trade for maybe one of those jeeps, and the Toyota? Bob says “well Jason have one of the jeeps but you can ask him he’s over there at the clinic helping getting it ready for re-opening.” So Standing Elk says “I will be right back.”

    They both come back and Jason gets his gear out and puts it in the dodge and they switch keys, Jason says “thanks I really wanted a truck.” So Standing Elk walks into the new police station and says “there are now jail cells in here” Bob says that I’m to keep the peace and to shoot everyone that messes with my towns. Standing Elk says “I can hang with that” Bob says “sit down” I have 60 55 gallon drums of treated gas to bring up to you, and the bikes you can call they patrol bikes if you want to a good portion of food from the other day’s events. Net we have started a co-op here you and your people are welcome to join also. So I will call up to the ranch where everything is being kept and have it delivered as soon as you tell me where you want it. Well just a minute he calls to one of the guys that he had with him” The man comes into the office Standing horse “Says run to the Diamond ridge ranch with about 4 guys and get the bikes that have been set out for us they help load up the trailer and guild the driver to white bird cave and unload the fuel there and then take the bikes to my house and put them in the barn, now get.”

    Standing Elk then goes on to say “Bob first you can call me Gunny, next I have three men that I am leaving with you they can stay up in the old sleeping area if that’s ok, one radio man and two scouts, use them as you need then, next we understand that you are getting a trade bank in town will it be available to my people? Lastly the one thing that we are light on is handguns, I have 15 men without them, maybe some kind of trade?”

    Bob says to Larry “get me 5 more p226s out with mags, for Gunny here” So Larry walks back into the armory and gets out the pistols with mags and hands them to Gunny. Bob says here is the deal and tells him about current problems that the world is dealing with and what’s coming, and the area that they will be patrolling. Gunny says “well I’ll take the pass, the RES, and Elk City; you take from the old highway-house to Green Meadows.” “Damn that’s a lot of driving wish we had some air support” says Gunny.
    Bob smiles and says “we do have air support but only one pilot.” “What kind of air support? asks Gunny, well we have a Huey, a uh-1.” Gunny says Well you have 3 pilots I can fly and so can bucking horse.” Bob says “nice, that well help Kurt out,” then bob gets on the phone and calls Derrick to come over. Gunny asks to see the armory so the stood up and walked into the back office Gunny says “nice!“ There was two sets of racks on two walls lower and upper ones M1 carbines and Garands, Aks, PKMs, some M-4s ,saiga shotguns, a row of M-60s a pistol rack and 2 tables of ammo and last 5 RPGs Gunny says “I think we can handle anything that they can throw at us.”
    Gunny asks “can we do some horse trading here?” Bob says “what do you have in mind?” Gunny replies with “those Aks that you gave use are not our taste and we have 20 of them now, so I would like to trade those for something else like 1 M-60, 3 m-4s, 3 shotguns, 4 of each kind of M-1 for 19 aks, and lastly can I trade a p226 for another one of those 1911s for myself?” Bob thought about it for a while and says “add one good breeding bitch and you have a deal” Gunny looks at him puzzled and says “what’s the bitch for?” Bob says “you remember that dog that was with Bear that day?” Gunny says “hell yes I was going to ask about that dog or should I say lion.” Bob continues well I want to breed that dog soon so I can get more of them,” Gunny says “I can see why, but I don’t think these is a dog like him on the whole RES.” Just then Derrick says “Hello what can I do for you today?” Bob says “ well Standing Elk here is now with our militia and wants to find out about the bank for his entire RES,” Derrick says “come with me” , and they walk off to his temporary office.

    Just about then a semi drives by and it was Nick following the bikes and the Isuzu, Duke pulls in with Justine and say “we are heading to Boise, Kenney has the ford down at the shop, we will be back around 5:00p.” Justine says “please have Jess and Lauryn at the house at 6:00p ok.” Bob says “I sure well.”
    So they drive off, and Bob says “Jason I need that 50 up there and you can have these three here to help up then you let me know when that is done.” Bob walks over to the new bank and checks the progress, and they had replaced the vault door, and were building the new cage around the vault. He asks if they need any help they said no. So he walks over to the market and checks on Juanita and she was fine, so then he walked over to the Inn and Wendy Van-Loom greeted him with a kiss and said everything was fine here. So Bob walked back to the new sheriff’s office walks in goes to the armory takes off the CCW holster with a Glock 17 in it. And applies a tactical vest with a 357 auto loader with 2 extra mags in the holders and with 4 mag pouches full with 30 round AR mags and then a belt rig with a judge 45 lc with, and 2 speed loader pouches a Tops Tom Brown JR trackers knife, then grabbed a M-4 off the rack cambers a round and thumbs the safety on. Larry then walks in and does the same except adds the scorpion on a shoulder sling and grabs a Saiga and a bag with 4 extra drums, walking to the ram charger Bob says “going on patrol up to Green Meadows be back in a hour, so Clank you are in charge, oh by the way after you get done with that 50 let these three get moved in upstairs.”

    Cory and the rest finished with the Clinic and got it ready with the new ambulance parked right next to the building. So the girls and Tony walked over to the sheriff’s office, where Bear and Zeus were already loaded up in the humvee waiting. Tony says I will be right there so he grabs his gear out of his gear bag tack vest with Ruger P-89, 4 mags, three mags for his SAR 8 and on 40 round mag for a AK. Lauryn goes in and grabs an AK with a 40 round mag for him, kisses him and then hands him the AK and she says see you in about an hour love ya.” As he sits in the driver’s seat and drives off towards the pass.

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    Chapter 14
    As everyone checks in at the sheriff’s office at 5:00 pm and unload their gear from their patrols bob says “good day to you all I have a date tonight and I do not want to be late. Larry you have first night watch who has second tonight, Mike has it, remember you have the 9:00p-1:00a watch, and how has the third watch?” Jason pipes up “I am supposed to, but I have to finish breaking that damn mare tomorrow,” Russ says “I will take it 5am to 9 am is the easiest one.” Bob says “good, just to let you know that we have three new recruits at will be living here in the upstairs living area. By the way what are your names the first one said I am Ray, that is Little Badger, and that is Thunder Sky but you can just call him Sky. Bob looks at the one that is named Little Badger why do they call you that?” he says “because I was an engineer in the army, you know a tunnel rat, so I get real mean like a Badger.” Ok tomorrow I will work you three in to the watch schedule.

    Bob looks at the girls and says “that’s right you’re going to be late Justine says you need to be at the ranch by 6:00p and that they need me there too, well I will see you there I have to pick up Wendy”

    At the ranch Justine pulls in with Dukes’ truck without the bed on it and pulls it right into the shop, and says “how long will it take you to get the bed on Kenny? Ok you have an hour and a half because they will all be here at six and Dukes on his way in.”
    So Kenney goes right to work lowers the bed on the truck, then starts to bolt on the bed, Duke shows up and 20 minutes later in his new truck Kenney shakes his head and says “nice, now that’s a ranch truck”, says “yep, and she runs like dream should have done this years ago, now I will get on the lights.” So they both work hard until Justine comes down and says “are you two finished yet?” Kenney says “just about I can get the rest done by myself.”

    Duke walks up to the house and washes up for dinner and a jeep Cherokee pulls in and Justine says “it’s her!” Justine meets her out at the jeep and says “can I help you bring your stuff in” and the woman says “please.” Justine does and says “Please set up in here and the ladies will be here shortly.”

    Just then Lauryn’s truck, Jess’s suburban, and Jennie’s Jeep pulls up. They all come in and Justine says all men to the shop dinner is down there waiting for you and women come with me. So Jason, Tony, and Nick all walk down to the shop and there they see Duke and his new truck. So they start with the 20 questions, and Duke says well I thought I better get a new truck it’s been awhile. Nick asks “is this one of those conversions that you were talking about?” Duke said ‘yes, it’s a C-5500 2004 with under 500 miles on it, it has everything loaded four door, 4X4, cat diesel power, auto Allison tranny, every option that my old truck had plus a few new ones like a dump bed, hidden 5th wheel hitch. Exhaust brakes and last thing is total shop built on it with air, welder/generator and a GVW of 19,500 lbs. Tony why don’t you pull it up to the house, and grab Bob, who just pulled in and bring him down here.”

    So he did and Bob walked down and said “what’s up boss what did you need”, well Kenny’s been working all day and got your crew cab working”, said Duke. As the shop door opens and he see’s Dukes old truck with the utility bed on it. Bob says “no way! You mean I get your old truck?” Bob says “yep since you will be depending on it I thought it should be one that you can depend on.” Kenney says watch the paint on the bed it’s still tacky.

    “Now the real reason that we are all down here is because the ladies are getting fitted for dresses for the weddings coming up. As Cory pulled up with Mike with 5 pizza’s from the Inn, and Kenney pulls over the large cooler filled with beer, ok guys let’s eat. Bob says “damn I thought I had a date tonight”, Duke says look at it this way Wendy’s only getting a bridesmaid’s dress not a wedding dress and you get a new truck out of the deal.” Bob says your right, then Kenney says “someone go get Dukes new truck because I can hear that ford of Hanks coming and he needs to see what a real ranch truck looks like.” So Jason sprints up the small hill and gets the truck and drives it down, and hank drops off his other daughter Tiffany, and his wife Carroll, and drives down and parks along side of the new truck.

    Hank says “What in the hell is that, Duke?” Duke answered “my new truck it’s C-5500.” So they start going through it and Duke says “watch this” as he flips up the center console it a mini fridge. Hank says “a man must have thought of that someplace to keep the beer cold. Jason says “Bob when is Kurt going to start making patrol flights?” Bob answered “will as soon as Cory gives him the ok.”

    Cory says “I looked him over today and he could start flying tomorrow if you need him”, Bob says “good deal” and walks over to the ram charger and comes back with a map. Ok Kurt here’s your patrol area and if you leave here and fly straight out to the Highway and then hit Green Meadows all the way out to the dairy, then cut across here and come over Elk City, and then over the Res and back to town then land we figure it will take about 1/3 tank. So who do you want with you, as a look out and back up?”
    Kurt answers” well anyone with heli time, don’t want anyone freaking out up there”, Jason says I’ll go if I get tomorrow off because I have to run into Boise tomorrow on some personal matters.” Bob answers” why don’t you just finish the boss’s horse and take the whole day off, you have worked every day since you have been here. I’ll go as sheriff I should see how long it takes and if we need to adjust the flight plan.”

    Well the boys talked for a while and drank beer and ate pizza until Hank looks at Bob and says “well Bob I have to tell you that whoever marries that daughter of mine gets that 150 acres over there off behind the Racer Creek Ranch, just thought you should know that with all the weddings going on around here” As everybody laughs. Bob says “well we are getting closer but I still don’t hear those wedding bell blues.”

    The next day everyone is working and the patrol flight went just as expected. Conrad decided to drive out to the ranch, to meet with Duke. Con says “hey Duke I really could use a big favor.” ”And what’s that” asks Duke. “Well I need for you to talk to your brother as we need to go back to LA to get the rest of everything completed for the move. Plus I need to sell my cars or trade them in, need to pack up my apartment and move out my gear, and finish up some personal things. He will not hear of it, because we have been so busy. If this is really coming, which it looks like it is, we have at least two weeks of work to do in LA. Basically he doesn’t understand that I do not have a wife, that can go do everything for me I have to do it all myself.” Duke says “I will talk to him” “one other thing I would like to take a body guard with me, can you find out if anyone is able.” Duke says “sure except how long will you be gone?” “Well if I go then it will take about two weeks” say Con.

    Duke says well what about drive time Con says “well there is none, I have a ranger helicopter on standby since I have to go to two different places Denver and LA.” Duke asks “you still live in Denver and working in LA?” Con says something like that I have an apartment in LA with just some clothes and my Condo in Denver.” Duke says hell yes I will take to him today, actually call the Helicopter and give them these grid numbers and tell him to land here by 2:00p, and I will meet you here at 1:00p go get what you need.” Con says “shouldn’t you take Derrick first?” Duke says that’s what I’m doing now and make it for 3p.” Duke walks over to the new truck and gets in and hauls ass for town.

    Duke arrives in town about 10:00am and walks over to Bob and says I need Mike for two weeks will that be a problem?” Bob could hear in his voice that it would be a bad thing if he couldn’t, So bob answered sure well then have I’m at the ranch with clothes packed for 2 weeks and get him something powerful and concealable for the trip.” Duke walks to Vikki’s office were Derrick is at and opens the door to see Derrick, “listen lil brother you have a man that I bring to you and that bailed you out of ****, helped you turn your bank into a huge success over night and you don’t have the common courtesy to let him go take care of his **** and your ****? Because your busy here setting up accounts that you could hire a local person to help with. Well that ends here and now! Con is leaving for two weeks and if you say one word you’re picking yourself up off the floor. Got it?” Derrick looked at him and said “yes’ , one because he was right, and second because the last time he heard that was the night that Duke kicked his ass for wrecking his car.

    Duke then walked over to the Inn and asked Wendy if that her sister who worked at a bank in Green Meadows needed a job, she said “yes” Duke replied tell her she’s hired and go see Derrick at Vikki’s office, also that girl Becky, the one that is always making eyes at Conrad is she around?” Wendy says “she’s in the back waiting for my break way?” Duke says” Conrad needs a girl with a head on his shoulders to go with him for two weeks and it’s all paid for and she leaves today.” Duke says tell her to be at my ranch at 1:00p and walked back out the door. Talking to himself ‘Jesus Christ send a city boy to go get ready for this **** for this area with no sense, bull **** not on my watch!” Then Duke gets in his truck and guns it home. Bob looks at Tony I have known your dad for about 2 months and this is the first time I have seen him pissed.” Tony replies well it takes a lot but when he gets that way, back up, say sorry and do not challenge him, I think I would rather fight a grizzly naked covered in fish oil.”
    At 1:00 pm Mike says “who am I babysitting?” Duke says Conrad and pack heavy because you’re going into LA then Denver stay out of his way when he’s doing bank business, but keep people out of his way. And when he starts gearing up do it in Denver and get his, excuse me our ass’s home safe you have two weeks, then I send Zeus!”
    As Jennie pulls in with Becky in her jeep Becky jumps out and pulls out a duffle bag and a small suit case. Then Derrick shows up with Con and drops him off with a bag. Becky I want you to make sure that he does not get side tracked and that he buys the right things for working and living here full time. He’s kind of a city boy, says Duke before Conn got there. Con looks at Becky and says is she also going? Yep, she’s going to help you in all matters that has to deal with buying gear clothes and so on for this area since she’s been her all her life except when she went to college.

    Con asks, “Where did you go to college at Becky?” Becky said “Texas A&M, I majored in veterinary sciences and yes I got my degree and yes I am the town vet.” Duke says load up I will take you to were the helicopter will land, so they loaded up in Duke’s truck and he drove them to the second landing pad up in the upper pasture. Mike says “Duke if we go into an airport I am screwed with what I have on me.” Con answered the chopper will land here and then land on the helo pad at the bank which 15 minutes after in there you will be covered by the banks license to carry with me at all times. Then the chopper will pick us up at the bank and fly us to Denver to a private airport, then to my Condo where we are driving back. So, no problems.”

    The helo lands ten minutes early, they load up in the plush helo, and take off. Duke drives back down to the house for some lunch, when he spotted Jason limping a lil bit he drives over to the coral and gets out and asks if he was ok, he nodded yes. Duke looks in the coral and its Tony’s big quarter horse mare that he got from Hank. Duke asks “what are you doing with that mare of Tony’s, well I was thinking of green breaking it but I need to run into Boise today and right now she’s breaking me.
    Duke says well hell get changed and ride with me because I have to go into Boise today also to get the horse trailer for my truck and you can ride along. Jason thought about it for a minute and said ok let me change and grab my bag.” Duke says that’s what I’m doing now myself, meet you at the house.

    So about 20 minutes later they meet up at the truck loaded up and moved out for Boise. About an hour into the drive Jason says “Duke I need to talk to you, I tried the other night but you were too busy. You said that if I wanted to marry your daughter that I needed to talk to you first, well I do want to marry her in the worst way, so I had a ring made and that’s what I’m going to Boise for.” Duke was not surprised, and said well that’s fine with me, but I hope you plan a long engagement, like at least 6 months or longer.” Jason says “that’s fine with me I just want her to know how much she means to me, I will promise you that she will be treated like a lady till the day I die.” Duke says ‘son I already know this about you.”

    Duke says “now that you feel better, you want to talk some business? Young man I have to pick up the horse trailer today because we have to also pick up 4 horses today. I took your advice and bought some Arabs, one stallion, and 3 mares plus we need to pick up an order for the market that Justine has at the canning store.”
    Jason says “ok well can we stop at the jewelers and get the ring first?” Duke says “sure we can son.” So as they hit Boise Jason tells him where the jeweler is located. They pull in and Jason and Duke go in and the Jeweler says “I will be right with you, Now how can I help you?” Jason gives him his name and the jeweler says oh yes it is completed and it was some of my finest work I hope that she is worth it, the balance will be 5500.00. Jason reaches in his wallet and pulls out the money and counts it off to him. He shows him the ring then Jason hands it to Duke for his inspection. Duke looks at the ring and says it’s beautiful and the inscription is also beautiful says the jeweler. Duke looks at the back of the ring and it says “from love at first sight to the love of my life.” Duke says if my daughter doesn’t say yes I’ll kick her butt, you did very well young man.”

    So they left the jewelers and duke looked at his watch and says we have time so he made a right on the next street, and went down two blocks and parked and said son come with me. They walked into a gun shop and the owner said hello Duke want can I do for the Diamond Ridge Ranch today?” Duke says with a proud smile this is about to be a new son in law so anything in the shop that he wants put on my tab.” Jason looks at him with a smile “no **** duke” he says. He walks over to a wall and points at a colt gold cup national match on the wall “could I see that please” Jason asked. The owner pulls it down and says “you have good taste young man.” Duke says “of course he does he’s going to marry my youngest daughter.”

    Jason works it through his paces, and says “I shot my Captain’s and always wanted one but could never see spending the money”, then he hands it back when he seen the rifle I will take that one right there the Sako finnbear 25-06REM with the Nikon scope. The owner fills out the paper work and sent them on their way. Duke asked “why that one if you don’t mind me asking” Jason replies “Well this is the most unbelievable rife made, and it’s not for me, it’s for Jennie, now let’s go get those horses.”
    A couple hours later “Sir we will be landing in about an hour Sir” Con said “thank you, and call the bank from the phone on the helo. Yes this is Conrad, do you have the car waiting? Ok, and yes, I will have time to sit with the board, please have Ceasers’ deliver 3 prime rib sandwiches and fill my bar I will be landing within the hour, and please let be known that I have company with me including my new body guard Mike Connors his info is CCW `25349 and his SSN is 823-19-**77 he is making $100,000 and have it transferred to my office in cash with a receipt. Thank you.”

    They land in about 40 minutes after and walk off the helo and there is several people waiting for him on the pad Mike steps in front of them and reaches in his jacket. Con touched his shoulder and said they’re fine Mike. Ok is our food here? good, tell them I want to eat first and go over the books first. As they enter the elevator and go down three floors Mike walks out first and then the rest, one of the banks security see his pistol from under his jacket and tried to grab Mike. Mike side stepped him and arm bared him to the floor and took his gun and put it to his head. Con yells “this is my new body guard do not mess with him, and next demote this wonderful guy to the main floor now.” They walk into Conrad’s office. Where there was food sitting on the conference table, with a waiter standing by to serve them Con says “you may leave now,” he walks out and shuts the door. Con walks to his desk and touches a button and sits down, the doors open and a young woman walks in. Con says “Connie please get the passes for the building please, and a bank security license for Mike then please run a credit card for Becky here so she can replace her things thank you.”
    Connie says “right away Sir Mike can you come with me for your picture”, Mike got up and followed her which wasn’t hard to do in the dress she was wearing. Please stand right here. Now you may go back inside, as Mike walked by he could feel her eyes following him. Now that they we all back in the office Con says “I have about 3 hours of work to do here looking through papers while he eats, so why don’t you two go shopping on the bank and have some fun in LA. Becky what is your last name?”
    Becky says “Lyons”,”ok I will give you two a $250,000.00 limit on this card go have some fun” says Con, he touched another button and Connie walked in the door and he says to her Lyons is the last name, and you will take them shopping and you will accompany us tonight for dinner so make sure that you get something for yourself and call Wolfgang and have my table ready at 7:30p for four please. Con hands Becky the Card and says “I will call Gigi and have you an appointment in an hour. Connie please have Hennery come in and get Mellia get in here also.”

    Connie says “please come with me I will show you to the car.” They walked out of the office, Connie grabbed her purse, and glasses then they all walked to the elevator as they got in Connie says “Mike here is your bank ID please carry it at all times this is also your CCW for the state.” Mike took it and put it in his wallet, as they reached the sub floor Connie pulled a key out and inserts’ it in the hole in the elevators wall and the back of the elevator opens instead of the front and they walk out.
    There was a limo waiting with the door open, and the driver held it open as they all got in. the driver closed the door and entered the driver’s door, Connie says “Mike I want you to meet Mike, Con’s new body guard please take us to the shopping plaza and him to the club for a shower and then to dress this yummy cowboy up, she smiles at him, then pick us up and take us to Gigi’s.” The driver says will do.

    So they pull out of the underground parking area and drive right through till he got the underground parking area of the plaza, the valet opened the door and the ladies exited the limo and the valet shut the door and they drove off. The driver says “you’re Con’s new BG. So you like Military” Mike replies ‘ yes 10 years in the Airborne rangers and green berets, so where are we going driver?” the driver says you can call me Michael. We are going to the Beverly Hill Gun Club so you can get cleaned up and I can get some trigger time in.” Mike says “it sounds good to me”

    Mike says “how do I get in to this place I’m not a member?” the driver answers ‘do you have your bank ID well then you are a member.” As the pulled up to the gun club Mike says “wish I would have grabbed my duffel so I would have some clean under clothes to put on.” The driver says “well you can get all that in there like I said just show them your ID everything is on the bank.”

    So they park and walk in. They check Mike’s ID, and ask if he needs a lane or armory work done, the arms rental is over there, and the spa area is over there for afterwards.” Mike looked at Michael and I wouldn’t mind getting some work done on the sig and the Glock, and maybe put a few down ranges, so I will follow you.”
    So they walked over to the armory and pulls his out his P226 from the hip holster and the Glock from the shoulder holster and said “ I would like these cleaned, oiled, and the trigger spring replaced on both of these” The man behind the counter asked would you like the springs replaced in the mags also?” Mike said “sure” The man said your name please the driver says “it’s Mr. Conner”, the man says I will announce you when their done, it should only take 20 minutes” he then walked over to the arms rental area Mike says “I need the XD .45 and 50 rounds please”, So they check his ID and hand over the request and then they walk into the ranger room through two sound proof doors to side by side lanes.

    Mike loads the mag with 10 rounds, loads the weapon, and waits for a target to be dropped then draws and fires 5 three round bursts into the target and then hits the retract button. The target pulls it way to him there were 10 center mass and 5 head shots. Then he repeats the same process 5 more times on 5 different targets. The driver says damn you can shot”, Mike answers him yeah once you get the touch you never lose it, and I’m going to hit the clothes shop and the showers.” So Mike finds some clothes that will fit him and a duffel bag, goes into the shower area and does his business and sees there is a barber also in there so he treats himself to a straight shave, then he hears his name over the loud speaker and says “thank you” and walks back out to the armory where his weapons where completed. He walks over and gets them and re-holsters them. The man behind the counter says “I did not make them combat ready so please feel free to do so.” So he pulls each of them out and cambers a round and then applies the safeties.

    Michael was waiting for him at the entrance, and says lets go you ready.” Mike says, but Becky has the card”, the driver says “not to worry I have a company card for that.” As they were driving down the road they pull in to Ralph Lauryn and then go inside and this fruity lil sales man walks up “may I help you?” the driver says yes this is Chrystal Tower Backs newest body guard, he needs a suit for tonight one that will hide is weapons like what he has on now, we have 20 minutes to be out the door and price is no object.”

    The sales man showed him a couple of suits and Mike picked one out and took it into the dressing room. He changes into it then walks out. The sales man snaps his fingers and three guys start to fit him. The sales man asks “what style of shoe would you like?” Mike says “anything that will look good, but be functional”. The sales man pushed a cart over with several pairs of shoes Mike picked a pair of black soft leather lacing cowboy style boots. What size are you sir? Mike answered size 11 so one of the fitters ran off and brought back a size 11, 11 ½, and a 12 they tried them on then until they had the perfect fit. Michael had them bring over watches and Mike picked one out. When the fitting was completed and everything was ready he said ringer it up and he’s wearing it out. They bag up his other clothes as he finishes with the gear and looks in the mirror and says to himself god look at me I could be in GQ. The salesman said “is there anything else?” Mike says “I need Eternity for men, and that watch right there too.” So the total comes to $10,329.00 with tax. The driver handed him the card and they ran it, he signed it and out the door they went.

    They arrived at the plaza with 7 minutes to spare Michael waited until the elevator doors opened and pulled forward, popped the trunk as the valet put their things in nicely. The ladies entered the limo still giggling when they saw Mike they both whistled a cat call” look at you, don’t you clean up well.”

    They pulled out and went to Gigi’s were the ladies went in, and Mike looked at Michael and said “ can I ask you a question does all the food around here leave you hungry about an hour later?” Michael said “let’s take you to the taco shop while we wait so they walked around the corner to a place that said ‘ The taco Shop’ Michael orders the usual for two, out comes 2 tacos in double soft shells and a Burrito for each they both take the cotton napkins and tuck them in their shirts and ate the meal down.
    Then cleaned them selves up and went back and waited for about 45 minutes, then the ladies walked out, and Becky looked amazing hair, nails, and make up done. So they loaded up in the limo and then they want to ‘The Hilltop Towers’ Connie walked in and the manager runs up and says the guest room has been prepared. Next to yours like you requested and the other person bags have been taken to Conrad’s room. “He hands her the extra key for Conrad’s apartment and the Key to the guest apartment. They all go up the elevator and she pushes numbers 29 and 30. Connie says “well ladies you are on the 29 and you Mr. is at bachelor pad at the top when we get off you will put that key here and the doors will open to Cons place. We will meet you up there in about 30 minutes”, as the doors open on the 29 floor. Mike puts the key in the evaluator and goes up one more floor to the penthouse. We walk in and the place was huge so he finds his stuff and make sure everything is there. They he walks out on the deck and just watched the city.

    Until the ladies come up in all their splendor, Mike looks at Connie she was just stunning, in her black cocktail dress, high heels, hair and makeup, and legs that go all the way to heaven. Next was Becky she also looked spectacular in a blue dress that hung on to her every curve, high heels to make her legs look twice as long and lovely. They both look at each other and say “yep he’s impressed he starts to look a little flushed when the elevator opened and it was Con.

    “Is everyone ready I’m starved, let me change and I will be right with you” says Con. Mike went into the guest bathroom and check his hair and gave him some little sprays of the cologne put on his watch and re-joined the ladies upon his arrival Connie handed him a drink of bourbon on the rocks.

    Shortly after Con came walking in changed and says “let’s go” so they all got into the elevator and went down to the lobby where Michael was waiting by the car. They all loaded in the car, and headed to the restaurant while on the road, Con raise the glass between the driver and the back, and said to Connie I do not have a clue what you have been told yet, but we are moving the bank to Idaho lock stock and barrel, next the board is getting released, you will have the opportunity to make the move because you’re a key person in my group. The reasons for this I cannot get into right now, but if you decide to come I will tell you everything. This and the fact that Mike needs a date for the night is why I asked you to come. Next I will tell you that Mike does not work for me he works for Mr. Bijou, and is here to help. I will tell you that this is happening pretty fast as in the next ten days.

    As they drive Connie asks “what about the bank here?” Con says “Well it will be here basically as a shell until the lease runs out then we will down size to a mini branch, listen within the year we are hoping to be completely out of California since we are down to 12% local clients and 77% local Idaho clients and the 11% being international clients. The bank will give you the same deal, well enough of this lets eat” as they pull into the entrance of the steakhouse.

    After immediate seating and drinks their food was served. They ate, had more drinks when Connie says “So when do you move!”, Con says “well, what we can do is, get what you need done here about 10 days we will move your items in the convoy up to Idaho, then I bet I can get Mike here to come back and get you after we get back. So what do you drive now Connie?”

    Connie answers a BMW Z3, well that will never work were going so tomorrow after the morning meetings which you will want to be out of the office for, Hell why don’t you take the day off paid tomorrow and get that BMW traded in for something more the flavor of the area.

    Take Becky she can help you and the bank will cover it with a new wardrobe for the move also.” Connie “looked puzzled but said ok”, settled we will stop by the bank on the way back and set you and Mike up with expense cards.” Connie says “what is going on there is no way we can write off all these expenses”; Con said “it will be all explained to you in the near future.”

    Then they finished their drinks and paid for the meal, Con says “who’s up for some night life tonight it has been a while for me and what’s coming tomorrow I wouldn’t mind being a little hung over.” They all agreed that it would be nice so they went to Cons favorite club, the door man let them in without any wait of any kind, the music was loud and the place was lively for a Wednesday. They all sat down in the VIP area when the cocktail waitress came up for their orders. Con says ”champagne for the ladies, and Mike ordered double Jack with a hint of ginger ale, Con says I will have a rusty nail and a shot of jager, and make that a 65’ Dom please.” Con looks at Becky “do you dance, my beautiful date?” Becky says “yes”, so he took her by the hand out to the dance floor.

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