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I'm sorry, I really couldn't tell you. The smallest boat i've heard of having a ships pharmacy is a 28' Sailboat.

Basically, I don't think there IS a requirement for the boat size, but I think you'd have to have a large enough one to go so far off-shore that having a pharmacy aboard would be neccesary, This means passage making abilities (ocean crossing)

You should talk to your family doctor, tell him that you are planning to go sailing around the world and what you would need to do to get the medicines you need. A circumnavigation can easily take 2 years. So that would be my option.
I read up on a ships pharmacy a handful of years back, dont remember everything but the requirements to qualify vary country to country and the US and Canada from what I recall were rather stringent. One of the requirements was it had to be registered with a port registry as an ocean going vessel, which removed all speed boats from qualifying, That may have changed since then as there are some rather large speed boats these days but I kinda doubt it knowing our government.