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Thread: My Cabin Project

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    About 1 mile. There is a cabin down the mountain at the end of my driveway but its empty and for sale.

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    I am considering selling my land. I had some other stuff come up and I may take my project in a different direction. I may sell it for taking over contract/payments plus some cash. The cabin I paid for cash but I still owe on the land. Its 10 acres and you see the cabin in the pics. I think I owe like $50k on the land package and payments are like $500 per month. If interested let me know. We are thinking of just buying a primary residence with more acreage local and getting rid of the second place.

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    We just spent the last 10 days in your backyard, we have a place outside of Newport, we just got back last night, really wished we lived closer, 11 hr drive sucks.

    We got in allot of riding, hiking and shooting. We only get to spend 4 weeks a yr at our place, but it is well worth it. East Tennessee is such a nice place, and such a contrast from South Florida, it is SO relaxing, even though I seem to do more work around the place while there, it is NOT the same as doing it here. Seems like you are MUCH closer to your place and will get to enjoy it allot.

    If you must sell the place, you must. But if you end up keeping it, I believe in the future you will look back and be glad you did. You have a really nice place there and even though it is not done, (are they ever?) it is a nice get away.

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    Well, It is hard to let it go but as of next week the cabin is sold. I made my money back and then some profit. Not bad after all. I am concentrating on other prepping stuff now.

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    Well after some negotiations, The property is now sold. On to the next project.

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    This should be pulled down since no more pics attached....

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