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Thread: Immediate or Delayed Bug Out.

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    A secondary consideration, if you have a BOL, then the longer you wait as SHTF the more chances you have of someone looting your BOL, and if you have preps in there, you better hope you hid some, they didn't find anything you hid, or you have that thing locked down pretty darn secure. I know when It comes time for me to bug out, and I see an empty place (especially at the beginning of "the situation," whatever that may be) I'll take some more supplies (sure I may not empty the place, but if you're not there, and it's not defended... well, you get my point) on the way to my BOL...

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    "Leave early, right before it happens. " Now that's funny!!!!

    I wish we could all have that insight when it counts, God willing.
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    Really for many shtf situations you would know they are coming and you could bugout right before they, hurricane, tornado, mass civil unrest. If you know something is coming, this is by far the best solution. If I know something bad will happen where I am, I'm not going to wait until it happens to decide whether or not I should bugout....I'm already gone.

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    ditch your girl now. there will be plenty of ho's beggin to be saved after the SHTF
    Luck favors the prepared

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    I agree that you need to get the GF with the program.

    We lived in the DC area a few years ago and loved it but the traffic is brutal.
    Arlington might as well be DC proper you are very close to the action (Pentagon,etc).

    It is a bit flippant of those to say get out before it happens, but there is a grain of truth.
    If you can anticipate a big problem (record snowfall ??) and you could get out early that is best.

    I don't think I would try and bug in anywhere in Loudon or Farfax counties, just too many people.

    I would suggest first picking a BOL or two. Doesn't have to be a bunker with 10 years supply of food on 100,000 acres. Could be your uncles place in West Va or your college buddy in Roanoke, but you need to know where you will go if you need to.

    Then you would want to plan multiple routes that would most likely not be on I66 / I495 etc. You get stuck on an Interstate and you are pretty much in jail - stick to SR50 for example. and have a paper map in your car because GPS might be down.

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    Well just being a old country boy, and having lived around Alexandria and FT Belvoir, I can say your are in a rough place to get out of. A large pouplation that has a severe case of rectal craninal inversion. A lot of these folks will be in a panic if things happen. Main roads are a to considered a barrier. Secondary roads may be better.. Not knowing the vehicle that you have hard to say what route to take.. Consider a 4x4 with good ground clearance, a OVM kit, bolt cutters, tow chain, a small bow saw. Take a map and explore alternate routes, us google earth to look at the area and plan a route. Look at bike paths, railroads, old canals if nearby, National parks and the service road network. right of ways for gas lines and power lines. The bolt cutters for locks and chains for service roads. Remembder roads networks are to move people but there is also a network to move service vehicles around. You just have to look in the right places. The metro Lines if out of power can be used if not runnning as a emergency way to get under ground and by pass a lot of the above ground mess.. They must have way to maintain the lines and do inspections. Take her for a ride, rent a bicycle and ride around the area,have picnic but use it as a scouting time, take a cheap digital camera and snap a shot of the areas, go home down load and do a photo interpation of the area, works much better than memory, once you have a proposed route go and run it with the camera and look for choke points and fatal funnel areas, Place for breaks, food breaks and your rest areas, so several routes, plan for alt ways around some areas. I try to remember that the best ways to catch flies is with honey not vinegar, Some of us are quick to temper and some of us are slow to anger. As for your girl friend, plan a small oops, take her out hiking or camping and get her wet, hungry and miserable, have a miracle, oh heres my bag lets get warm and dry and some of this great soup in a bag on my stove, and here get these dry socks on for you cold feet. If the snow storms did not cure her you have a rough roads ahead.

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    Knowing when to bugout has been the topic of many preparedness articles in the Prepper Community. Many preppers have an idea of what should happen, but there is a real lack of experience. However, when a fellow prepper shares a real-life experience, it is a great time for other preppers to learn from them and try to apply their lessons-learned to their life. This article was written by D.B. and discusses his real bugout experience.

    I’m from down the road from you in the Beaumont area. You undoubtedly heard about a chemical plant explosion in the sleepy town of Port Neches in the early morning hours of November 27th. That plant is less than ˝ mile from my home. While the memories are relatively still fresh, I wanted to put into perspective a different kind of prepared, being “ill-prepared”.

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