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Thread: Car/Truck/RV Recommended Supplies

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    A good link I found for basic car kits and a GHB type setup. Good info!

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    I stock my motorhome with extra stabil fuel stabilizer and anti freeze for winterizing.I carry tools and cables, with a volt meter for checking the electric systems.Since I have a generator built in , I carry power tools and a air compressor.We have a enclosurer for the motor home and two tents with extra sleeping bags.I have 4 extras cots with O.R stretcher mattresses that fit them perfectly.I bought 4 Scepter water cans and 6 scepter gas cans for backup. I have 60 gallons of water on board with a 80 gallon gas tank.I have two 30 gallon water barrels I can add in a emergency.

    I bought 10 5 gallon food grade buckets with mylar bags and screw on lids in different colors.I keep a food saver and a vacuum pump for food preps. I bought the nitrogen gauges for my nitrogen bottles. Now I can pressurize my containers with nitrogen.I keep 4 orange traffic cones in the motor home for emergency.I keep all my bugout bags at home but I extra stuff that is in them in the closet of the motorhome .I don't keep any weapons in the motorhome due to safety concerns, but I have that type stuff ready. I bought hard cases and soft cases for all my weapons to make transporting them legal.

    We have a portable propane cooking stove and turkey fryer for out door cooking. The motor home has a oven and microwave with a propane refrigerator. We carry a electric rotisserie for cooking chicken and other meats on board.I have two extra large coolers for backup and one ice machine for making my own ice.We carry fire wood and coal for cooking as a backup plan.I bought two fold up bicycles for getting around the camp grounds.We carry extra parts for the bikes.There is a lot more I can list but I would be here all day.
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    The first thing I have in my vehicle kit or just on my at all times is a AAAplus card, a pre-paid cell phone, 1 gallons coolant, 2 gallons on water, 2pints of power steering fluid, 1 gallon oil, a two quart bottles of Gatorade, tool kit, winch kit, 4 spare mags for a P89 Ruger+ the weapon (never leaves vehicle ), bob of course, 12G coach gun broken down and shells, 2 72hr kits by mountain house, insulated bib overalls, IR light sticks and goggles, and 3 wool blanks which all fits (except BOB, winch kit, and tool kit ) in my over sized duffle bag. This is what i care at all times.... not half of what i would carry in a full bug out.


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