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Thread: Homemade medicine recipes

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    RECIPE # 25

    Childrens Cough Syrup

    Peel and slice 3 large onions into a saucepan. Add equal parts honey and lemon juice (I start with 1/2 c each). Cook until the onions are translucent. Strain. Put the liquid back in the pot and taste it. It should taste about like a honey lemon cough drop - just a hint of onion. It actually tastes good. 1 Tablespoon whenever they cough. This really works....I had chronic bronchitis when I was a child and nothing the doctor prescribed worked, but this did. I would have to a take a spoonful about every hour, but it worked.

    RECIPE # 26

    Mild Congestion

    Go to the doctor if you need to!

    1 c tomato juice
    1 t lemon juice
    1 t. minced fresh garlic
    1/2 t hot sauce

    Heat together and sip until feeling better. You can freeze this in an ice cube tray, or stick it in the fridge and it will last a few days

    RECIPE # 27

    Dandelion Pharmacy

    Dandelion Wine

    2gal/8 liter crock
    3-5 qts/3-5 liters blossoms
    5 qts/5 liters water
    3 pounds/1.5 kg sugar
    1 organic orange
    1 organic lemon
    1 pkg/8 grams live yeast whole wheat bread toast


    Find a field of dandelions in bloom on a glorious shining day. Follow the honeybees to the finest flowers. Pick them with a sweeping motion of your parted fingers, like a comb. I leave the green sepals on, but get rid of all stalks.

    Back home, put blossoms immediately into a large ceramic, glass, or plastic vessel. Boil water; pour over flowers. Cover your crock with cheesecloth. Stir daily for three days. On the fourth day, strain blossoms from liquid.

    Cook liquid with sugar and rind of citrus (omit rind if not organic) for 30-60 minutes. Return to crock. Add citrus juice. When liquid has cooled to blood temperature, soften yeast, spread on toast, and float toast in crock. Cover and let work two days. Strain.

    Return liquid to crock for one more day to settle. Filter into very clean bottles and cork lightly. Don't drink until winter solstice.

    Preparation time: A week's worth of effort yields a drink not only delightful but good for your liver, as well.

    RECIPE # 28

    Nettle Beer
    One of the most delightful medicines for joint pain

    1 pound/500g raw sugar
    2 lemons
    1 ounce/30g cream of tartar
    5 quarts/5 liters water
    2 pounds/1 kilo nettle tops
    1 ounce/30g live yeast Place sugar, lemon peel (no white), lemon juice, and cream of tartar in a large crock. Cook nettles in water for 15 minutes. Strain into the crock and stir well. When this cools to blood warm, dissolve the yeast in a little water and add to your crock. Cover with several folds of cloth and let brew for three days. Strain out sediment and bottle. Ready to drink in eight days.

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    Again thank you Mommy Magic for sharing. Tom.

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    your welcome, i keep posting them

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    those are some awesome recipes! I love learning about medicinal plants and I love that you've posted so many recipes. Thanks!!

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    Maliades , im glad you like them, plants are pritty amazing, thank you for your post, i was woundering if people other then the few like the recipes, you keep coming back to this post and ill keep posting more recipes for you all to enjoy in time that might not be so enjoyable,

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    In regards to mommy magic's recipes, I think everyone should have at least a basic knowledge of herbal remedies for SHTF. I have been using herbal remedies for about 10 years now and hardly go to the doctor. We currently have about 40 bottles of tinctures and around 10 lbs of dried herbs for medicinal use. Up here in WI I generally rely on Yarrow, Plantain, Bouncing Bet, Sheep Sorrel, and Dandelion for food and medicines, we also collect elderberry and sumac.

    (poke in the ribs) dont let mommy fool ya, I taught her everything she knows about wildcrafting and herbal meds. LOL gotcha honey!!
    The devils greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist!!!

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    (poke in the ribs) dont let mommy fool ya, I taught her everything she knows about wildcrafting and herbal meds. LOL gotcha honey!!
    your right dear, but just as everything you teach me, i do it better, hah hah, lol, pinned ya again!

    RECIPE # 29

    First-Aid Eyewash

    1-tablespoon each comprey root and fennel seed in 4 ounces of water for a few minutes, cover the pot.turn off the heat and steep until cool. strain carefully through a fine textured fabric and refrigerate. always keep this formula in the frige and remake it every 3 days.

    RECIPE # 30

    Antifungal Salve

    2- parts chaparral
    2- parts black walnut hulls
    1- part goldenseal
    1- part myrrh
    1- part echinaccea
    a few drops of essential oil of cajeput or tea tree oil, put ingredients in a glass jar with a lid, set in sun for 2 weeks. remember to cover the above in olive oil.after 2 weeks in the sun, strain out herb, then measure the oil left, add beeswax according to the note below. bottle up, seal, and store.
    NOTE: to each cup of herb oil, add 1/4 cup beeswax. if you wish a harder salve add more beeswax, if you wish a softer salve, add more oil. salve will store for years if in a cool, dark place.

    RECIPE # 31

    Homemade Ice Pack

    2- cups of water
    1/3- cup (80%) alcohol- rubbing alcohol, vodka ect.
    zipper- top plastic bag
    combine water and alcohol in a zipper- top bag. seal top and freeze. the alcohol keeps it from freezing solid and creates a gel - like ice pack.

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    These are like gold thanks for posting them.
    Preparing so that I may live better today and post shtf.

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    thank you wolfracer, i glad you like them, here is more for you all...

    RECIPE # 32

    Inflammation Pain Tincture

    1/2-teaspoon each tinctures of bupleurum root, ginseng root, licorice root, echinacca root, yucca root and turmeric ( if available)

    combine ingredients. take half a dropperful a few times a day or as needed. for long-term use, consult an herbalist.

    RECIPE # 33

    Antidepressant Tincture

    1- teaspoon tincture of St. John's-wort leaf
    1/2- teaspoon tincture of licorice root, ginseng root, lemon balm leaf and ashwaganda leaf ( if available)

    combine ingredients ( if you do not or cannot drink alcohol, buy glycerites instead of tincture.)take 1 dropperful 3 times a day.

    RECIPE # 34

    Yarrow Skin Wash

    yarrow makes an excellent skin wash, particularly beneficial to oily cpmplexions.
    pour 2-cups boiling water over about 1- cup crumbled dried flowering yarrow tops. cool, and strain, pat on the skin. this wash smoothes chapping and minoe irritations as well.

    RECIPE # 35


    2- tablespoons Valerian
    2-tablespoons yarrow
    2-tablespoons lavender
    3-tablespoons spearment
    3-tablespoons cat nip
    mix together, put in a jar lable as:
    insomnia / Relaxation formula
    directions: 1 (one) large tablespoon per cup. add hot water. steep 15 minutes, strain through cloth and drink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommy magic View Post
    RECIPE # 17

    Tincture-oil Tampons

    Using 5ml thyme tincture along with 5ml of calendula tincture then adding 5 drops of tea tree oil or thyme oil you can make the base for your tampon tincture-oil yeast infection remedy. Saturate a tampon with this mixture and water. Use this tampon twice daily, once in the morning and once at night for 1 hour at a time.
    That should alot like a recipe someone told me cures toe rot! Of course without the tampon.

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