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Thread: Disabled people in your MAG

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    alot depends on the "terms" of your MAG agreement between the members .... every group has or should have an understanding when the group activates & dissolves ..... does your group dissolve if a bug out is mandated? .... would the MAG be responsible for this disabled guy and family post bug out? .... it's a huge decision and a critical one for the entire MAG ....

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    I think disabilities are an important discussion topic for any MAG or other group. Even if you decide to not let someone in who is already disabled, what happens to the group members who will become disabled? Every MAG thinks their group will come out unscathed. What happens when Jim Bob gets a shot through the lower spine during a shoot out and is not paralyzed? Frank falls off the roof performing a patch job from a storm and shatters the bones in his legs. With no Dr to do surgery he's now wheelchair bound (assuming you have a wheelchair) do you kick him out? Long recuperation times and disabled people will be much more common when our health care system is not available to do the cutting edge work we do get in the western countries.

    I find that people with disabilities already have had a SHTF moment or two and are better prepared mentally than most able bodied persons.
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