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Thread: Members with Ham Radios

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    Yausu FT-8800r VHF/UHF Mobile here. Personally, i don't like to hide in the shadows, so im not worried about my address being seen. Ill be ready

    Im working on getting an HF/VHF/UHF base station next. Maybe a base CB also.
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    Yeasu FT-7800 in each of 3 vehicles, a FT-7800 and a FT-857D in a battery powered mobile kit.. FT-8800 stored in a faraday cage.

    Yeasu FT-60 in my GHB. FT-3R's are carried by my licensed kid in back pack at school.

    Will be adding a couple of FT-60's to the faraday cage as funds allow.
    laus Deo

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