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Thread: Florida Preppers.

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    North Florida


    Hey gang! North Florida here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldwater View Post
    I borrowed this idea list just so we have a tally so to speak of Florida preppers. If you want to add your name on this list, let me know by post in the thread and I'll update it.

    Coldwater, Suwannee County
    Gunsnlipstick, Manatee County
    Survivorgirl East Central Fl
    Flboy East Central Fl Indian River County
    Captbob - St. Petersburg - Pinellas County
    Blind & Lost- Desoto County
    Roofpro49 - Palm Beach County
    Pyrguns, St Pete
    Tony From Da Bronx Checking In Palm Bay Brevard County
    Lighteye - SE Hillsborough County
    Sweep, St Pete
    Deadliestkatch, Central Florida
    Ericmo Pinellas County
    Laserman Brevard
    Cracker In Citrus County
    B-Rad, In Miami
    Molivo, St. Lucie County
    Martin Taylor, Ocala
    John In Jax, Jacksonville
    Onebigelf, John In Alachua County
    Jacquesmm, Indian River County
    Mrhog In Polk County
    Maxx366 In Pinellas County
    Rlrm777 Pinellas County
    C5VetteMN6, Pinellas County
    Madmyk, St Johns county
    CountryGirl in Manatee County
    Agith - Fort Lauderdale
    Demsonacrisis, Manatee County
    Rice Paddy Daddy, Hilliard
    Slug-Gun Hunter, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County
    DirtPirate- NE Lake county
    I'm in Broward County.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Borg View Post
    I'm in Broward County.
    Welcome aboard. The names in that list are from so long go. I remember some of them.

    BTW, next election, mind throwing in a few votes for me?

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    All you gotta do is mail yourself a letter to Florida and use it to register to vote in Florida. That's what the Dems are doing...just saying.. then you can vote in both places

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    I'm at Miami airport as I type..waiting to go back home.. you Florida peeps got the weather for sure.. it's gonna be 10 degrees when I get back home

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