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Thread: Dealing With Freeloaders

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    I have been sending suggestions and information to my friends and reletives by email for about 2 years. I questioned myself, if they appreciated it, or at least read what I sent them.

    1 month ago I sent them all an email, with a question, "Do you want me to continue sending prepardness info to you? If so reply back to me" I got ZERO responses. And have not sent anymore.

    My wife only tolerates me prepping, and I do not think she thinks anything will happen. We have been thinking of moving back to Texas. So the other day, I was taking inventory of my preps, and she aked me what I was doing. I said, "I am taking inventory of MY preps, so when I move to Texas, I will know what I have. Then she asked me, what she would if I was gone too Texas, and something happened? I said, "Well, My love, you had better start prepping!"
    I do not think she has done anything!! But when I start moving my stuff, I hope she wakes up
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    I won't have too many problems with neighbors and freeloading from the immediate vicinity. The old fellow (about 65 or so) that owns most of the property on this road is a good person through and through. The only people I know that would attempt begging are my already govt freeloading neighbors. I know they wont come over here though, they know better than that due to the fact I usually test fire all of my toys once a month and ritually clean them outside on a picnic table afterwards. On top of the fact they know I don't like them, they know the bark isn't near as bad as the possible bite. A few weekends ago a friend came over to test fire/break in his Bohica Arms .50 upper and after the third shot, the fat one (lazy, druggie, raises the same) came out, and seen the horror of a massive rifle using huge shiny bullets. She quickly shuffled back inside almost forgetting her jaw, when we lifted it up from between the hay bales for a re-lube and inspection. Wife said the windows rattled when it went off...can't imagine what they thought, since they had no awareness to it's presence and them a few thunderous cracks. Whereas the older guy walked over, started laughing at the other neighbor (he doesn't care much for them either) and asking my friend if he could shoot it.

    I am seriously going to miss this place when I move next year

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