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Thread: Emergency Med Training - Getting right to the point.

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    I agree with Doc if you dont want to get super technical in the medical field go with a wilderness medicine course. if you get your EMTB and dont use it regularly you will for get your procedures for basic medical scenarios.

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    I plan on starting my paramedic training in the next year. Community College near me as a great Classes.

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    Here's what I did.I got certified EMT-A back in the 80's to help in the Safety Department of an O&G company. Went out to surrounding small town VFD's and found one that would allow us to take the course, for a donation to their dep't. It was the bare minimum hours needed, and mostly hands on, as opposed to lecture. The local FD was more than happy to allow us the ambulance hours, and the hospital was happy with the volunteer in ER. I even got to start some IV's even though that was not the level I was taking, just because I was better than the nurse assigned to that task.

    Great info to have.
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