Prvi Partizan (.30/30 WCF)?

  1. Rivet
    Has anyone used Prvi Partizan's .30/30 shells? The little I've used their ammo has been good, so thinking of picking up few boxes for the Winchester.

    Thanks all.
  2. Rivet
    I picked up a couple boxes. No complaints with this ammo thus far.
  3. Archaic Weapon
    Archaic Weapon
    I'll keep that in mind if I see any around here. What weight are you shooting?
  4. horky74
    Hi! everyone. I have a Win 94 that's chambered for .32 WS ammo, any ideas where I might get started to find good quality ammo? horky74
  5. Archaic Weapon
    Archaic Weapon
    It looks like Hornady makes leverevolvution in .32 WS.
  6. Rivet
    RE: Prvi, these loads are 150-grain.

    RE: .32 Special, LeverRevolution is a good one. Remington and Federal also makes ammo in that chambering.
  7. Archaic Weapon
    Archaic Weapon
    I wish I could fit LeverRevolution into my .45. I am going to eventually have to "upgrade" to a '92 if I ever want to shoot any.
  8. Rivet
    Aim has 170gr for $10.95 right now. Link.
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