Best accessories for a Levergun

  1. Archaic Weapon
    Archaic Weapon
    It seems to me that if we are going to be a group about leverguns, we might as well have a thread dedicated to discussing how to best run one.

    So, let here your favorite aftermarket parts and accessories to run a levergun with.
  2. Archaic Weapon
    Archaic Weapon
    This sort of being my idea, I'll throw out the best accessory to have when packing a levergun. A pistol in the same caliber!
    (Thanks folks. I'll be here all week.)
  3. Rivet
    I generally keep it real simple on the leverguns. I've installed better sights on one and wrapped paracord on the lever of another. In the past, I've had a gunsmith install a good recoil pad on at least one lever-gun.
  4. Archaic Weapon
    Archaic Weapon
    I like to run a leather bandolier with 88 loops in it. I have a 25 round cartridge belt. Both are .45, so I can run .45LC, .45-70, and .308, believe it or not. Been looking at a replacement sight for the '73, thinking on a Lyman #2. Would like to see a bayonet on the thing, and a sling.
  5. SW760
    I agree with "Archaic Weapon", a pistol in the same caliber, but make it two pistols in the same caliber and a nice 12 G coach gun.
  6. Sawyer
    I think that a short stroke kit, wolf springs, stainless mag spring and follower make it much more functional as a defensive weapon!
  7. Archaic Weapon
    Archaic Weapon
    I have heard that the short stroke kits make the weapon much more prone to mechanical failures?

    I have to agree fully with SW760! I finally got a Blackhawk to replace the Schofield that misfired and shot me. Considering sending it in and getting a .45 ACP cylinder fit for it.
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