1. Marius
    I think the idea of trapping has a lot of merit in a post SHTF scenario based on the ability to retain the tactical advantage of stealth both during the hunt as well as after the trap is sprung. I think it would be good to start a discussion on trapping from a beginners point of view; i.e. tools, tips, tricks, etc. In this case, I don't know what I don't know so it's a little more diffecult for me to outline any points of the conversation. However, maybe there is someone here that can begin the discussion and then lead it from there. This is a skill that I'm interested in acquiring. What about it? Anyone here run a trap line or hunt using traps?
  2. sgtm8411
    I grew up trapping and i will submit to you that snaring is going to be a better option from a preparedness standpoint. Snares are cheaper than most leg hold and conibear traps. Buckshot hemming makes great cam lock snares for all game from small to large. You can both carry and store a helluva lot more snares than traps as the weight and space savings is substantial. It is also easier to repair a snare than to repair a conventional trap. Make sure to invest in a good trapping or snaring book as these will teach you about placement on runs versus baiting as well as covering up your scent on the equipment. Hands down, trapping & snaring trumps hunting. When hunting pressure makes game nocturnal, trappers like me will be capitalizing on this while we sleep and our traps harvest food for us. Dont overlook trotlines either. It is the same concept but for fish. All of these are force multipliers for the procurement of food.
  3. tacticalbacon
    dont forget ,,, a large size rat trap screwed to a tree , with some peanut butter and a lil luck
    and for the amateur this means squirrel soup !!!!
  4. Marius
    Not a lot of action in this group. I have checked out the Buckshot snares and they look good. I was thinking a buying a few to have as well as study for making my own if need arises. Also looking at some conibear traps that seem to be easy to use and relativly inexpensive. I have a few retailers that might stock these things so I plan on a trip to check that out.
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