Thank you all for coming

  1. Halkahn
    I hope you will each take a moment to post something about yourselves.

    I'll start.

    I'm in my forties and Southern by the Grace of God.

    I am married to a wildcat of a Southern woman who is part Native Amurikan and part Scots Irish who's not just hot, but in that way that you'd have to be from here to understand.

    She can cook corn bread in a skillet with bacon grease (yeehaw!)

    we have three lil shids. The oldest has just started shooting and is a fair archer.

    I am a military veteran and will fight for this country, I returned to service after 9/11 after being out for years.

    Leave my guns alone. The most important right is not speech or assembly.
    It is the right of Self Preservation without which the others are meaningless
  2. Halkahn
    No takers huh, nothing like invisible members.

    Well if you are in TN, MS AR, or KY or bootheel of MO, PM me through the board here
  3. explo72
    ok, let's see if we can start a trend.

    born in upper east tn, been in several states since I left 30 years ago.

    If all goes well I will be a hillbilly again next week after we close on our new BOL in upper east TN.

    late 50's and married.

    work in IT field.

    love to garden.
  4. TnRebel
    OK I'll throw mine in ; I was born in the way north East Tn , ( Bristol ) , A Marine Veteran of the Vietnam war, member of the SCV ( Sons of Confederate Veterans ) Just moved back to my home state of Tn from Florida where I have been for the last 30 years and I brought the flag out with me . I am am a Country Boy that will survive WSHTF. as the song says I can skin a buck and run a trot-line, Been trained in Jungle and Desert survival and I have three married children and seven grand-kids and they all shoot , married to the same wonderful southern bele for the past 47 years, so I guess she's a keeper , we both have our CWP and will be getting our Tn. HCP so now you know more about me the the (sic) Government.
  5. BuckLemuria

    I just found the board and just finished reading the Mountain Home story. It was very good.

    I am currently living in New Hampshire, but my bugout retreat is in NW Arkansas which is very
    near where I was born.

    Everything I see is looking like a perfect storm coming. Between the economy, solar flares and the
    mideast I think we are at great risk of things coming down on our head.

    I am an Extra class ham and serve as the comm officer for our retreat. Our retreat has about
    165 people that has been invited. We are NOT a racist group, combat junkies or trying to overthrow
    the government.

    I am married and we are both approaching retirement. Not Christian, but pro-Christian never the less.

  6. nmtnla
    Just found this site about a month ago. Been browsing, just posted for the first time yesterday. I was reading the bug out trigger thread and found this group. We currently live in Lousiana, moved here 6 years ago from East TN, and still have our rural home there. Our daughter lives in it and we are preping it for our BOL. Nice to find you all.
  7. robin48
    I am 50 and live in SW TN. Finally beginning to get the wife on board. I would really like to be a part of this group. Rob
  8. tacticalbacon
    well im new to this whole internet thing ,but not new to the mindset of this site a white, male , active shooter and prepper, i love taking tactical response courses,i was born in the mountains to a mid wife in my mothers bed on a farm in Arkansas. so i guess that makes me a hillbilly , live in the deep woods of n.e. Tennessee now . im big into bear hunting \ just about any kind of hunting and fishing , a baptist ....i have a good dog and a nice woman ...ive lived from Maine to Florida{ east coast mostly } and hunted all over the u.s., decided to put my roots in here, and don't regret my decision.... thanks for the ADD , and i look forward to hearing what knowledge y'all have to share, and offer what i can to this group .
  9. Dragunov
    I'm new to this group. I'm 51. I'm originally from KY. I now reside in TX. I worked for the DoD for the better part of the last ten years as an instructor.

    I'm an avid outdoorsman and have spent six months at a time living out in the woods, twice in my life.

    I have two teenage daughters that know how to shoot, fight, handle a knife, survive out of doors, love God and their country. One (Miss "K") will be going into the Navy this summer after school, the other (Miss "V") has a few years yet, but wants to be a Marine. One (youngest) is a 5.0+ gpa, the older one is a 3.5 gpa. I am more than proud of them.

    I teach outdoor survival tactics and skills. Anyone in my area is welcome to join me in an outdoor excursion.
    I also teach close quarters combatives to the right people.

    I love my country, but fear for it.
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