Bicycle powered equipment and tools

  1. Junkman
    I have a interest in bicycle powered tools and bicycles converted to be real haulers of water and equipment. So far I have a bunch of bikes and I have made two simple 4 wheeled bicycles. I just scored a old bench grinder that is powerd by a belt and 1/3 horse electric motor and am converting it to pedal power.
  2. Mosey
    Yeah, of course I gotta book on that. Some REAL good and do-able projects!

    Pedal Power in Work. Leisure and Transportation
  3. learner
    good luck man!
  4. StealthMotion13
    People underestimate the bicycle, no fuel and minimal maintenance. They are also very easy to work on. And completely silent. Bicycle trailers can shift 100-ish lbs of equipment. A well built one anyway. Good luck with your projects, let us know how you get on.
  5. Junkman
    Junkman Here are some photos of a couple of my bikes.
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