Any one out there????? LOL

  1. dxtsniper
    It's good to see our hubnting group has really taken off. It seems like a few more people would be interested in this subject since living the reat of my life post SHF onj preps doesn't really apeal to me. I'd like meat with my fresh grown veggies! So whats been up with everyone? Anyone shooting any summer 3d archery leagues or doing any fishing or frogging or turtle trapping? Anyone have any luck finding moral mushrooms this spring? I did and they were great but I don't like them frozen so it a seasonal thing for me.
  2. jwag74
    I'm hoping the hunting group discussions pick up in the fall. It seems like I'm always so busy with garden/yard projects this time of year that I don't even think about hunting. My dad had surgery about morel time and my heart just wasn't in solo mushrooming so I never got further than my yard looking for mushrooms (unsuccessfully).
  3. Atticus
    Yeah, most people don't think a whole lot about hunting this time of year.

    Luckily for me, feral hog hunting is year round here in Texas, so I have been able to brave the heat and shoot a few this year.
  4. silverfarmer
    Hi. Been shooting ground hogs here in MN they don't taste too bad as stew meat kinda like chewy beaver. Did some bank poles in NE a few weeks back with some decent luck on catfish.
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