1. Gen.Kenz
    What is your outlook for the year ahead? What is ahead for our nation....?
  2. Gen.Kenz
    Well so far we have chaos in quite afew countries and with egypt going to hell we could be in for higher gas prices which will contribute to our problems here in the U.S. , not to mention if the extremists overthrow the government there then they will have a large army and weapons in which to start a lot of problems.. The world is getting worse by the day.
  3. Gen.Kenz
    Well things are not looking better, just more and more scary.... I hope as a nation we will survive these hard times..
  4. Gen.Kenz
    Oil and gold have come down some... Maybe gas will.... I can only hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I believe that we can save our country but it will take a lot of work and unity. God bless our great nation.
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