Mini Field Day

  1. Big-D
    I'm here in the Central Texas / Austin-San Marcos area I'm proposing an mini field day one weekend any intrest?

    Take out that gear sitting in your closet and off the shelf give it a whirl in the real world.

    Share ideas on alt. power for your coms., ask those questions about stringing the antena up in the field, and just make an eye ball qso

    Any takers?
  2. DragoSapien
    I'm trying to get me some antenna's mounted here at the house. Got me a used Icom 706 that I haven't even used yet. Ill work on it this week.
    I don't have much stuff here, but might be interested in a GTG in the area. Sometimes you just need to meet those that you converse with.
  4. Big-D
    Hey Kingchip pm sent
  5. Grumpus Monkus
    Grumpus Monkus
    Did y'all ever get anything figured out?
  6. Big-D
    Not yet Grumpus but how bout the 14 of May for a F2F / On the air in San Marcos?
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